2022 Resolution: Reboot Together

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Fireworks at New Year's Eve

If you have read my two other articles in this three-part series Negotiating the End of 2021, Mystically” you know that this one is entitled “New Year’s Day: A Reboot. Together”. The first was an article advocating for December 21 as the correct day for the end of the solar year, and a time for personal reflection. The second was about taking the opportunity to explore our Christ Consciousness (“Becoming Christ Conscious on Christmas Day“).

Now for the third one.  I think New Year’s Day this year should be more about our collective need to use 2022 as a year for a species reboot. For cultural resolutions and plans rather than personal. This year is likely to see an amping up, if that is possible, of the themes of the last several years of turmoil and division.

It’s a political election year and the rhetoric will get white-hot. Many of the investigations and trials of famous people that are underway will reach a crescendo and outcome, with both sides continuing to vocally make their case. Climate change will be only the more obvious and the paucity of our response more sad.

A Collective Reboot

All of this begs for a more conscious and transformative response from those who are working on outer and inner levels for the benefit of humanity. And to do that in a new, more cooperative manner.

It’s time for a species upgrade from the domination of childish 3-dimensional “homo sapien” thinking and acting, and instead, become the 5-Dimensional “homo spiritus”, Soul driven beings we really are. Beings ready, by necessity, to transition into knowing and growing ourselves into the Eternal Beings, putting away childish things. Until then we will continue, to paraphrase Gautama Buddha, to suffer mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

It’s never been more clear that we are all connected, of the same tribe, and inextricably linked in our destiny. No matter who we are, where we live, what our circumstances. If we don’t pull together, acknowledge our Oneness, and address our existential crisis, we may not survive, as the nations we are or as the world as we have known it.

What Can We Do? What Shall We Do?

There are several options we have as lightworkers to address the concerns of the day and to make a difference in our world. The tendency is to undertake activities “out there” in the world, but I am going to suggest some measures that can we can take Within our own consciousness that might make more of an impact.

Some might call these measures naïve or “woo woo” but I’m increasingly convinced that the power of my internal world has more of a chance of benefitting humanity and our plight than any outer world activity I might undertake. My suggestions:

1.  First, put aside the overwhelming human tendency to judge others for their mistakes and misdeeds. We are all Eternal Beings dressed up in human clothes and capable of, at any moment, beginning to exhibit the characteristics of such.

One of my favorite mystics and healers of the 20th century, Joel Goldsmith, in his healing process, suggests a meditation that acknowledges the Soul of the other from my State of Soul Awareness, acknowledges the lack of “power” that any human condition has, and allows Spirit to move in Its own way to bring about healing.

We can take the same approach with groups of people and with individuals. The greeting “Namaste” acknowledges such. “The Spirit in me acknowledges the Spirit in you”. And this can be done silently with those whose points of view differ greatly from mine to great effect. And raises my vibration, benefit me greatly in the process.

Similarly, when I go to the grocery store I pause before going in to take a Sacred Breath and put myself in an elevated state of mind. My tendency to judge others melts away, replaced by the ability to “see” Spirit in others instead. And the whole place just seems to light up. People seem friendlier and more likely to say hello or acknowledge me. As Louis Armstrong says, “They’re really saying, ‘I love you’” (in “What a Wonderful World”).

2.  I do a similar thing when I pray over the news in the evening. I turn Within and raise my consciousness before turning on the national news. Rather than “taking in” the sad stories that seem to predominate, I radiate Spirit out into the scene (dare I say “illusion”) before my eyes adding my own energy to the cauldron of mass consciousness that is resulting in the affairs of the day.  (For more on this idea, see my Amazon Best Seller, “The Meditation Book.)

3.  I also have a process called Best Possible Outcomes, discussed in detail in my new book “The Manifestation Book” at Amazon Books, in which, as it relates to a particularly awful news story, I say “Oh my Soul, I ask for the Best Possible Outcome for this situation for everyone involved. Thank you for your attention to this matter.” And then turn the whole thing over to Spirit for a better outcome than might have been otherwise predicted. This process can be used for any personal circumstance as well.

It’s important to “ask” Spirit to move, in Its own way, and not tell Spirit, from your ego-mind, what outcome you think you want. Your Spirit, your Higher Consciousness, knows what you need for your greatest growth and evolution if you will allow it to take part in your life directly and in partnership.

4.  This also puts me of a mind to “tend to my own business” and work on myself rather than be too concerned about the affairs of others. While this seems contradictory to the above examples mentioned above, it’s not. I only have control and influence, really, over my own consciousness and its State.

In an elevated State I’m giving off higher vibrations and more likely to attract good people, circumstances, and things to me. Creating my reality in a desirable way. Instead of playing in lower-level vibratory rates/states of mind and attracting undesirable outcomes.

Mindfulness meditation practices can be very helpful. Saying to myself, “I am divine love” or “Peace be still” or even “humanity and I am One with The ALL”, can shift any moment dramatically.

5.  From the largest perspective, there is no “bad” or “good” only the “Isness” of The ALL. It’s all Sacred and unfolding as it is meant to. This time of seeming craziness is what is needed for people to vent, act out, and grow up (or move on).

A time for many of us to recognize. the limitations of our 3-dimensional human perspective and evolve, transforming ourselves into the 5-Dimensional beings we are destined to be, together. So, bless it all and observe the unfolding from your most elevated State.

And so may It Be.

Try these and you may also lose 5 pounds as a side benefit. : )

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