Are We Spirit In Human Bodies? No. Just the Opposite.

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It has been said by many “wise” ones that we are spirits in human bodies, Spirit having a human experience. I think this is backward. I think we are human bodies inside of our Spirit Bodies and that these Spirit Bodies are what give life and form to our human bodies.

You only have to take the example of the death of a human body to see this. When the Spirit departs in death the body begins to disintegrate and ultimately returns to a pile of atoms, cells and electrons. And our Spirit, our Soul crosses over to the Other Side where it continues its Eternal Journey, going on to a new adventure. Often returning to Earth for another lifetime’s adventure here. Reincarnation.

Auras Explained

People with the ability to see these Spirit Bodies, or auras, and speak of them as a multicolored glow that surrounds the body. The glow and colors can even be “read”, and interpreted by such people. Some of them say they see the “glitches” that people have based on the darker colors in problem areas in the body. I think they are seeing the Spirit Body mentioned above and I don’t doubt that they can even do healing work based on what they “see”

I once went to a talk given by Swami Satchidananda, the guru of Woodstock and the founder of the Integral Yoga Institute where I learned yoga and meditation. About halfway through the presentation as his words became more “vibrant” I began to see colors surrounding him and radiating out in all directions. This was the only time I ever truly saw an aura. I think the strength of his Spirit body and the elevated state of consciousness that I was experiencing made it possible for me to perceive this phenomenon. Quite a light show. When I asked others in attendance, some said they had seen what I saw, and others had not.

Our Master Teachers Have Pointed the Way

Throughout the history of art many of the Master Teachers from our religious traditions have been painted with a glow or halo around their heads. This is one way that the artists who were painting their likenesses were able to metaphorically represent the illumined state of their particular Master. But this glow was more than just a metaphor, I have concluded.

I think that, like Swami Satchidananda, our Master Teachers radiated light and love when in their elevated state of consciousnesses, and that some in their audience were able to see this. And spoke of this to each other.

I also think that their illumined state was one of the reasons they were able to heal some of those in their audience. It was said that one woman was healed by Jesus by merely touching the hem of his robe, so strong was her belief that he could heal her. And that he felt and commented upon the healing energy that flowed out from him and into her.

In addition, our Master Teachers have all said that we have the potential to be just like them. They each said something similar to what Jesus famously said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”. They have all pointed out the potential that we all have for reaching a state of Higher Consciousness and to realize that we are Eternal Beings in addition to being human beings.

We Are Vibratory Beings

One way to explain such things is to realize that we are all vibratory beings. Each of us has a vibratory rate that is a blend of our human body/Spirit Body vibratory rate. Or rather a vibratory rate range within which we live day to day. Some moments higher, some moments lower depending on the combined vibratory rate of our mental, emotional, physical and Spiritual bodies. Each of us naturally vibrates at a rate that is higher or lower rates relative to people we know.

Furthermore, our vibratory rates, to some great degree, influence our state of consciousness. Which, in turn, is a great contributor to our state of health and well-being and the types of people, circumstances and things that show up in our lives. This is what is meant by the idea that each of us is the creator of our own reality. The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”. More properly, “like begets (causes) like”.

We know from our own experience that this is true. Sometimes it is easier to see in others than in ourselves. But we all know people who generally have a more positive, optimistic state of mind. They generally seem happier and have a higher quality of life. We also know people who are generally less positive and more pessimistic. And that their quality of life seems to suffer.

Keep Your Vibratory Rate Up for A Better Life

It is incumbent, therefore, for each of us to keep our vibratory rate as high as we can as often as we can. While raising our vibration is not easy to do, with sufficient training and intention our vibratory rate can be raised substantially. There are famous and revered teachers of positive thinking whose training programs are well regarded for this reason.

However, there is a limit to how high we can go with such methods because the human mind/body by itself can only reach so high. The human mind is fickle and has its limitations. This is why meditation can be so valuable an undertaking. Meditation has the potential for helping us to transcend the human mind’s limitations and take us into higher realms of consciousness and vibratory rates. Even into the realms of the states of minds of our Master Teachers. Into illumination and even into full and continuous Enlightenment. Into Christ Consciousness and Buddha Mind.

How to Do This?

The tools I use are 3 in number.  First, Higher Consciousness Meditation, my meditation process outlined in my book The Meditation Book (at Amazon Books) first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed. Second, the use some of the mindfulness meditation techniques mentioned in The Mindfulness Book throughout the day to keep my vibratory rate “tuned up”. And third, I use my Best Possible Outcomes process (see The Manifestation Book) to allow Spirit into my daily activities so that good outcomes occur. Use these or find your own techniques to “vibe up”.


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