Becoming Christ Conscious at Christmas

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Many people miss the whole point of Christmas—becoming Christ Conscious. The cultural tinsel and hoopla often drown out the opportunity at this time of year to remember what Jesus became famous for–what he said and did during his sojourn to Planet Earth those many years ago. He became Christ Conscious and then shared what he knew in a way that is still remembered. He showed the way for the rest of us.

What is Christ Consciousness?

“Christ” comes from the Greek word χριστός (chrīstós), meaning “anointed one”, a title given to a spiritual teacher of elevated consciousness. Often associated with Jesus of Nazareth, the word symbolically means “anointed by the Holy Spirit”, or one who has achieved Enlightenment. Therefore, the term “Christ Consciousness”—awareness of, and the embodiment of Spirit. A state of mind which we all have the potential for achieving.

Anyone who has achieved this state of mind can be said to deserve the title, “Christ”. Other religions have a word or title that applies to their most highly evolved, spiritually attuned mystics. Though I have no proof, I think that the name for the Hindu mystic and teacher, Krishna, is as much a title for one of their most revered adept rather than his given name.

Each of the Master Teachers of our major religions was similarly highly conscious and taught that each one of us has the ability to reach Christ Mind or Buddha Mind—Spirit-filled and Illumined. Each said something similar to what Jesus said, “For behold, The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”. Waiting to be recognized, waiting to be allowed to take part in our lives if we only open up and allow it to. In which case, with some spiritual growth, we can become known, even if only to ourselves, as Barbara Christ or Stevie Christ.

Our Master Teachers were Wayshowers, Not Gods

Unfortunately, the thought that we can all achieve anything close to Christ Consciousness is not one taught in any of our cultures. Instead, from birth, we are indoctrinated into the idea that this is a world of competition and only the strong survive. Almost nobody is “awake and aware”. There are few role models for that alternative. Almost no one has a different view from the accepted conventional wisdom. This conventional wisdom is nearly absolute—everybody thinks and acts based on the accepted norm, so it must be true. What other options are there?

What our Master Teachers had to say they about each of us being capable of Enlightenment just like they have fallen on deaf ears. Because we didn’t understand what they were saying, we turned their teachings into dogma and religions. We perverted their teachings because we couldn’t understand them with our ego/personality minds. These teachings undermined the very existence of the body/mind/personality and its stranglehold over our perceptions.

The essence of their Teachings has been discarded by denial— “Enlightenment might have been true for Buddha (to name just one) and sounds great, but that could only apply to him. I could never be like that, not really.” This relegates what Buddha said, and his life example, to being beyond the average human, beyond the capability of the rest of us. Our misunderstanding keeps us from realizing that the Nirvana that he spoke of is only the lifting of a veil which shrouds our clouded eyes.

Take a Little Time to Explore Your Christ Consciousness This Christmas

Mohammed said “Thou art a mortal being, And thou art the Eternal One; Know thyself, through the light of wisdom. Except Thee there exists none.” The Hindu guru Ramana, “The ordinary man lives in the brain unaware of himself in the Heart. The enlightened one lives in the Heart. When he moves about and deals with people and things, he knows that what he sees is not separate from the one Supreme Reality which he realized in the Heart as his own Self.” Carl Jung said it this way, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Let’s assume that their words are as they seem, intended to wake us up and realize that we are Eternal Beings besides being human beings. That we each have the ability to awaken to our True Selves and this time of year is an especially good time to spend some time exploring our potential to experience Christ Consciousness.

It behooves us then to spend a little time, maybe on Christmas Eve, to explore our relationship with our Higher Self or to experience Soul Contact for the first time.

Make Soul Contact

That first contact can be amazing. Here’s what my that Still Small Voice said to me for the first time as I sat writing my first book, “My Son, I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will be with you until the end of Eternity. There is nothing to fear. This is important. Otherwise, how can you get beyond your fears to the realization that there is nothing to fear. When you get there, there will be, literally, nothing to be afraid of. No matter what your circumstance.” Astonished and comforted me deeply.

Several days later my Higher Consciousness said:

“The enrichment of consciousness brings fulfillment. The enrichment of consciousness is fulfillment. It is the highest enrichment that will lift you into completeness. Oneness. With the All at its penultimate. Searing through 3d consciousness. Illuminating. Elevating. A State of Grace.

When this happens, Spirit stirs. Awareness purifies. Mountains move. Christ Consciousness. The Consciousness of Masters. Reachable. Available. Here. Now. Inside. Outside. A new normal if you’ll stay with it.”

How to Do This?

My answer to that is there are a number of spiritual traditions that can lead you to the experience of Christ Consciousness. However, the quickest way is spiritual contemplation, sitting meditation. There are lots of options available, although I am partial to the process I developed called Higher Consciousness Meditation. In my opinion, the quickest way to Illumination.

This process leapfrogs most traditional forms of meditation which are designed to subdue the mind, but which can be lengthy and arduous. Instead, it takes you right to the experience of Illumination. I outline the process in detail in my book, .The Meditation Book The goal is the mystical experience of Self-completeness, Soul Contact.

Another answer to “How?” is through mindfulness meditation. This method uses short sayings, mantras, to induce a sense of Pure Awareness without mental distractions. One of my favorite such sayings is “Peace be Still”. Or “I am divine Love”. Simple, powerful words that seem to short circuit the mental chatter and induce a state of stillness and peace. My companion book The Mindfulness Book is full of such statements which can be used for specific purposes to raise Awareness.

The Benefit

What do you think? Is it time to spice up your Christmas Holidays with Christ Consciousness? I found that my Self is always right there, awaiting my turning my attention in its direction. Ready to meet me even before I know I am headed there. More aware of me than I am of myself. This is very comforting because it means anytime I turn in that direction the Universe, and its individualized spark, my Soul, is ready to help me be more awake, more aware, more alive, and anticipating what I need at the moment for my growth and evolution.

What do you think?  Give it a try?

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