National Healing Meditation

National Healing Meditation

In these days of insurrection in the nation’s capital that came close to becoming a coup, my nation, the United States of America, my nation is in need of healing.  For those of us who are spiritually inclined it is a time to come to the aid of the health of our...
Spiritual Poetry:  World Unfolding

Spiritual Poetry: World Unfolding

Every once in a while I get an urge to write a bit of poetry.  Sometimes inspired by a conversation my wife and I have.  This is one of those.  The phrases in yellow are my favorite.  We were reasoning. “Ride the wave”, she said.“Surf the wave,” I said.Full moon...
Meditation Matters:  8 Ways to Give Thanks

Meditation Matters: 8 Ways to Give Thanks

Today  is Thanksgiving and I thought it might be helpful to take a deep dive into what giving thanks means.  Much has been made in recent years in the spiritual community of the value of giving thanks, gratitude, and appreciation.  As a way to shape a better life ad...

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