How Does Meditation Help?

How Does Meditation Help?

Buddha said that “life is suffering”.   And that one significant antidote to suffering is meditation.  We’ll explore both of these ideas in today’s post to discover “How Does...

What is Meditation?

What is Meditation?

The answer to the question "What is Meditation?" is diverse and covers a lot of ground.  The term “meditation” (much like the term “sports”) refers to a broad variety of...

How Does Meditation Work?

How Does Meditation Work?

 "How does meditation work?" is a question I hear frequently asked by people  who are not familiar with meditation's many amazing benefits.  Happily, sitdown and mindfulness...


My Story

I began meditating 45 years ago. In 2013 my whole world turned upside down. I dove deep into my meditation and came up with a few pearls to share……(more)

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