The Meditation Book

The Meditation Book

Chapter 5.  What is Traditional Meditation and What is Higher Consciousness Meditation (HCM) from The Meditation Book, Book 2    Traditional Meditation The Miriam-Webster...

Health and Healing

Chapter 5.  6 Ways to Create a Healthy Home   from Meditation for Health and Healing Meditation, Book 5  One of the things my wife Lynne and I have focused on in the past 20...

Mindfulness Meditation

Chapter 1.  Is This Book for You?  from  The Mindfulness Book. Book 3 Take a moment as you open this book to do a quick exercise.  Take a deep breath.  Say to yourself, “Peace,...


My Story

I began meditating 45 years ago. In 2013 my whole world turned upside down. I dove deep into my meditation and came up with a few pearls to share……(more)

Sample Chapters

We thought you would enjoy a sample chapter from each book.

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