Meditation Matters. Let’s Ask, “Who are We, Really?”

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There are a number of interesting ways to answer the question, “Who Are We, Really?”  The question is important to ask because most people would say, “I’m a human being, with all my foibles, living a life on Plant Earth for a relatively limited number of years.  And after that, I’m not sure,” 

I’d like to answer that question in several different ways that you don’t normally hear, and my answers come out of the depth and breadth of my meditation practice.  Answers of which I had a direct experience, that surprised me and caused me to reevaluate my ideas of what being a human is.  Including my core insight that we are Eternal Beings having a human experience in an amazingly complicated bio-mechanical vehicle we drive around like a car. 

“We’re Three Dimensional Homo Sapiens.” Where Did that Idea Come From?

The short answer is that this has always been our idea of who and what we are.  Homo Sapiens.  Creatures that walk on two legs;  a body with a very active brain. Yet, many of us also sort of know, in back of our minds, that we are “Homo spiritus”–Spirits occupying this body for a while.  Unfortunately, this latter view is seldom mentioned or experienced.

As we begin to occupy our helpless infant bodies, we look to those around us for clues about how to survive.  Unfortunately, almost nobody is “awake and aware” to know any better.  Despite all of our spiritual teachers saying the same thing, that “Spirit lies within us” none seems to know what this means. Or even discusses it, really.  Despite all the sermons that are given, this is not on the menu.  There are few role models for the spiritual alternative; almost no one has a different view from the accepted conventional wisdom.   This conventional wisdom is nearly absolute–everybody thinks, and acts based on the accepted norm, so it must be true.  What other alternatives are there? 

The basis for this type of thinking began many centuries ago.  When we lived in caves, a species, we were very vulnerable and without major weapons like sharp teeth, fleet feet, or large, strong bodies.  We were prey driven by fear to survive.  In recent centuries, through our ability to work together, our use of tools, and our technology, we have come to dominate the planet.  Yet fear is still the prime motivator of our species—fear of survival, fear of each other, fear of death.

The flexibility of our bodies and the creativity of our relatively larger brains are our other major assets.  The brain is the body’s bio computer and its interpreter of experiences. It constantly calculates the chances of its host’s survival as well as optimum situational opportunities for getting comfortable.     

Fearful conclusions are reinforced by our parents almost from the moment we take our first breath. At about six years old our mind and ego align and, barring a revelation of some sort in our lifetime, the die is cast and the grave is the final outcome.  Ego reinforces the mind’s suspicions and adds its own attempts to dominate, to control the chaos. 

Unfortunately, the mind gets bent and twisted by the many influences to which it is subject, day by day–real and imagined occurrences. Most of us have dysfunctional childhoods of one sort or another.  These experiences are often assigned false causes, reinforced by strong, negative, emotional reactions to them. Once a theme gets started it is self-fulfilling and has momentum.

The everyday reality I am describing is what I refer to as three-dimensional reality (3d). It sounds pretty grim and uninviting, this life of ours. Buddha in a moment of penetrating insight, “Life is suffering”.  Unless, and until, we begin to separate a bit from this simple explanation, and begin to see a bigger picture.  With meditation.  This is why meditation matters.  A lot. 

An Alternative View:  “We Are Form Clouds” 

Here’s what I wrote a couple of years ago about this idea. 

“I realized today that I am a Form Cloud.  A hologram.  I noticed this when I went to the grocery store and saw all the people scurrying around getting their daily, weekly bread.  I could see their life force, somehow, and that startled me.  I saw their essences enshrouding their body forms, but their essences were the more obvious.  This is a new understanding for me.  I have always been so focused on the forms, and more importantly in my mind, how they are different from me.  

I was a seeing of the diaphanous nature of the form, with the essence as the organizing principal.  I found myself feeling, oh, I don’t know the word exactly, compassionate maybe for the human beingness we all share, and which confounds us so.  Daily existence is so compelling, and attention grabbing, focused on making it through the day, the week, the year, the lifetime.  

Outside the store a guy with all of his worldly belongings in a grocery cart caught my eye.  I could tell he was struggling with life, a symbol of the struggles we all experience, in one way or another, no matter who we are.  We’re ensconced in these bodies that are so wonderfully complicated, delicate and invincible at the same time.  Individually creative in 6 billion ways, each in our own little world, a world of our making and its own making.  That’s what’s so confounding—which portion is which.  Life is a constant attempt to attune and attend to our environment for maximum workability, whatever that may be for us.  

Most confounding is that sense of the movement of time—this moment, the next moment, and the next.   The next week, the next year, all of which becomes this moment.   A mystery in an enigma in a conundrum.” 

This was a visceral, metaphysical wowie experience.  And now, here I am, sitting here, in my chair letting the words, the feelings, the life flow through me an onto the screen.  Vividly knowing that we’re Spirit clouds in-forming and surrounding the physical vehicle that takes me from one place to another to explore, to do, to perform, to have fun, to be serious and to have an experience of life on planet earth, this amazing home base for this lifetime of mine.  


From this perspective earth makes sense as a laboratory, a laboratory to explore the unknown, pushing forward, ever pushing forward, to see literally and figuratively what’s around the corner.  What the next day has in store.  What amazing unfoldment floats in on a wave of gossamer. 

All taking place inside of the Spirit Form Cloud that we are; hidden until discovered.  Now there’s a mystery.  Spirit so omnipresent as to be painful.  Beautiful sadness.  Happy startlement.  Everywhere present.  There is no way to think it real, to see it with normal eyes.  

The folks at the store were dancing and dancing in an Eternal musical production which only Spirit ears can hear.  The celestial buzz of The Spirit Cloud, the Big Kahuna.  Did you see it?  Just then?  It skipped around the corner and sneaks up from behind.  Only consciousness can conceive of it, infinite Consciousness in a skin bag form, and only when allowed to experience It directly, with nothing in between the knower and the known.  

This causes me to say, “Thank you for your Beingness.  For your breath, in and out of Infinity.  For your Omniscience, your all knowingness of that which Is.  For allowing me to participate in the dance of the stars and the microbes and the mighty companions that see all things, in all directions, Allness viewing itself, intelligently. It’s rather like looking in a mirror, I suppose, like being in a hotel room with mirrors on three sides of  the sink.  Reflections.  Then you look at yourself, looking at yourself looking. 

Another Explanation—We Are a Bundle of Vibration 

Another time, as I sat in quiet meditation, these thoughts came floating through: 

          • I’m a bundle of energy constantly oscillating based on what I perceive, and my mental, emotional, physical reaction to what I perceive.  Or, I’m a conscious being observing what’s going on and reacting from my Spirit, radiating that reaction outward to envelop what I perceive.  Two very different things.
          • In the first instance my perception goes out to the thing observed, becomes attached to it, and reacts in an automatic way based on the sum total of my 3 dimensional field. In the second instance I am centered within and my Soul processes what I perceive, and react accordingly, from a place of peace.  I like the latter better.
          • This bundle of energy is holographic and colored by the sum total of my painbody, karma, past experiences, self-talk, and desire to control and minimize danger OR this energy is holographic, holy, awake and aware, and gently interactive with the Universe.  From a 3 dimensional view, the interface with the holographic world with which we are surrounded seems very real, solid and compelling.  And it is.  If you step in front of a bus, physical or metaphorical, you will get run over.
          • On the other hand, this seeming physical reality is my vibratory state interacting with the vibratory state that surrounds me and is malleable based on the rate of my vibration. Miracles are possible if my vibratory rate is high enough to override the vibratory rate in front of me.  In which case these miracles are not miracles at all but a natural unfolding of Spirit into the 3d world.
          • From the Spirit World, Five Dimensional Reality, it seems that I generate the vibration that impacts the 3 dimensional world. In three dimensional consciousness, the world just happens to me based on its vibration at any one particular moment.
          • In a 3 dimensional world, I am an information processor responding to the stimulus of the moment, filtered through the holographic system of the Universe.
          • There was a story in the newspaper about a holographic system that is being developed that is perfecting the ability to guide you with holographic arrows and education on how to hook up a residential light switch properly.  The hologram is guided by a person on the other end of the conversation.  It is a light hologram where our life is a particle hologram, yet seems much more substantial
          • This story adds credence to my realization that I am a vibratory being, living in a vibratory world.  One in which all things have vibrations.  From thoughts to emotional reactions to moving in response the stimulus.  And having thoughts that stimulate and shape.

 The Last Lesson Comes from Hermes the Great

I heard about a book about Hermes the Great from ancient Egypt, who discovered and taught that there are 7 laws of existence, which later on appear in many religions and  have inspired many spiritual teachers.  I ordered the book, Kybalion, that gives the laws and the author’s expanded version of them.  Law of Vibration is one of the laws that I was most interested in reading about because I had been exploring that subject.

I had come to the conclusion, as indicated above, that everything in the Universe vibrates and has a vibration unique unto itself.  Everything physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Everything on all worlds on all levels of existence.   

Hermes offered additional insights.  He indicates in his writings that the student of the occult, and one who understands this law of vibration, has a lot of power in his hands.  Especially if he can control his thoughts sufficiently to generate the vibratory rate within himself required to get what he wants.  This law is perhaps the basis for the law of attraction.  Like attracts like because of the similarity of vibration.

Modern proponents of the Law of Attraction say that it is the feeling that is more important than thought, and creates a stronger attractive force than. There are also those that say that holding a picture in mind as if the thing desired is actually in your experience is the secret to the law of attraction or manifestation. 

It’s my contention that is very difficult for the average person to develop the skill and mental discipline to do such work.  That most folks are too scattered and unfocused to do so.  I further contend that it is much easier to work with Spirit and your Higher Consciousness to develop vibrational levels that will attract to you  all things needed for your personal well-being, without having to be too specific about what those things are.  Your Soul knows what you need all too well and acts on your behalf to generate them if you will just let Him. 


These understandings of “Who Are We?” are why I say that asking the question is important.  If we are not merely warm-blooded mammals at the top of the food chain, and deep inquiry using  meditation can help to plumb he depths of this question, then meditation matters, and our multi-dimensionality matters.  Such understandings can encourage us to awaken to our True Selves help us evolve sufficiently to put an end to fear, suffering, harming each other, and surviving Climate Change.  

What do you think?  Can you sense your multi-dimensionality?  Haven’t you always known this somehow, even if you haven’t expressed it in exactly this way?  Leave your comments below. 

I will have more to say about this in my forthcoming book, The Laws of Vibration and Attraction, available in the Fall of 2020.  


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