Meditation Matters: New Year’s Resolutions? No, New Year’s Vibrations

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New Year's Resolutions

 This blog is being posted a few days after New Year’s Day, 2021, but the ideas are still relevant.  Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions.  Resolutions to lose weight, to exercise more, to meditate every day.  Whatever.  With every intention of keeping them.  Or least hoping to keep them.  Often these resolutions are not kept and disappointment in one’s self occurs.  

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions.  I like New Year’s vibrations better. That is, I like focusing on my vibrational state around New Year’s because I know that the state of consciousness, I am in at this time of year has some influence on the type of year it will be.  Let’s explore this idea. 

We Create Our Own Reality 

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “We create our own reality”.  This concept can be a little hard to accept looking back at some of our difficult times. Nevertheless, I have come to accept that it’s mostly true if, in examining difficult times, I tell the truth about how I might have had something to do with the outcomes I experienced.  The further back I go the less “bright” I was, and the more likely I was to create trouble “on accident”, as my friends used to say. 

These days I am more convinced than ever that I create my own reality, and that what I do today is setting the stage for tomorrow and the next day and the next.  That I actually attract to myself the good and the bad of my life.     The Law of Attraction says that “like attracts like” and also “like begets like”.  Saying, in effect, that on the whole /on the average our thoughts, beliefs, subconscious urges, ego characteristics, choices made today, and resulting vibratory rates generated, become the substance of our tomorrows.  Like not only attracts like, but “like begets like”—but causes and creates. It makes a lot of sense, then for me at all times, especially around New Year’s, to pay attention to my vibratory rate to attract the best life I possibly can. 

 Conventional Wisdom

There are those that say that “rocks are hard, and water is wet”, and “things are they are the way they are” and that we live in random Universe where anything can happen.  I think anything can happen, but not randomly.  Instead, because we unfolded them that way.  If we want to have an effect, then, on this dynamic soup that is our lives, if we want something more, better, of higher quality in our future, the time to influence that is today.  To change or upgrade whatever thoughts, beliefs, urges, characteristics, and choices requires alterations in our everyday consciousness to have different outcomes.  Not an easy thing to do was we all know.  Upgrading a belief or some “faulty wiring” in our thinking requires some system or process that will work. 

 An Alternative

I advocate for a process that changes our state of mind.  When that state changes other changes will occur, sometimes automatically.  When I realized that my tennis improved when I was able to stay in a neutral state of mind, to be in the moment and not worry about winning or losing, I was able to play better.  From a neutral state my instincts could take over and I could just “let the body hit the ball”, to use the analogy that Tim Gallwey offers in The Inner Game of Tennis.  

Meditation is the best process of this type I can think of.  It allows its practitioners to get to at least a neutral state and to let the natural instincts of our Higher Consciousness take over and let Spirit flow instead of fear.  When this happens, we achieve a higher state of vibration and the Law of Vibration sets in to cause the Law of Attraction to work.

My New Meditation System 

Higher Consciousness Meditation, HCM, the “sit-down” meditation system I developed about 4 years ago, is specifically designed to do just this—to raise my everyday vibration day by day and to set myself on an ever-increasing trajectory such that my sustained vibration is higher next year than my vibration now.  HCM bypasses mind training and goes directly to Soul contact.  Soul contact and the resulting Elevated Awareness that is created is fertile ground good people, things, and circumstances to occur.  My cornerstone book, The Meditation Book, lays out in great detail how HCM to do the meditation practice and how it works to create a better life. 

HCM can be done once or twice a day.  Between morning and evening HCM session, I also employ at least one “mindfulness meditation” exercise to keep the momentum from the morning moving in the right direction.  My Six Second Mindfulness Meditation book offers dozens of such exercises that can be used under specific daily circumstances—when in traffic or before delivering a speech, for example.  “Peace Be Still” or “Illuminate, Elevate” are ones that can be used at almost any time. 


What’s needed in those few days around New Year’s, when people are talking about resolutions and we are tempted to make some, is to relax and meditate a bit and to raise our consciousness to set the tone for the New Year.  I find it’s better to ease myself into an upgraded state of Awareness which allows for the elevated version of myself to come forth than to try to muscle a New Year’s resolution into existence.  There’s still time to get yourself off on the right foot buy undertaking some of these methods.  They will positively influence the rest of your life. 


 What do you think?  How do you like this approach to  beginning a New Year?  Are you interested in trying it out?   Leave your comments below.  


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