Meditation Matters. Why Are We Here?

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Sunset on Planet Earth

Recently I wrote a blog post addressing the question “Who Are We?”  The natural follow up question is “Why are we here?”

In the “Who Are We?” post I suggested that we are two things.  First, and most obviously, we are three dimensional human beings going about our lives on Planet Earth.  In this scenario, we’re born, we live and we die.  And that’s it. 

The Lay of the Land

While here we do the best we can to negotiate the difficulties of feeding, clothing and housing ourselves.  Also, we suffer physically, mentally, emotionally as we develop from helpless infants to, in most cases, older adults, going through teen years, getting educated, going to work, having a family, trying to make the best of things.

In addition, we are five dimensional beings, Souls, who have come to this gorgeous, fierce planet to grow and evolve.  We occupy an amazingly complicated biomechanical vehicle for a time and pass over to the Other Side when our vehicle wears out.  While here we have many opportunities to recognize our Soulness, our Higher Consciousness, but there are few who are able to school us about these matters.

Why Are We Here?  We Choose To Be

As the discussion above suggests, we are here to evolve. To evolve from being three dimensional humans into a fully developed five dimensional Spirit Beings.  Planet Earth, as harsh as it is sometimes, is a particularly well suited planet for doing this because of its challenges.  That old saying about adversity breeding character and strength captures the idea well.  Humans have a tendency, if they are up to it, to grow more rapidly when faced with challenges.  Same for Spirit Beings.  Earth serves to advance the careers of Souls more rapidly.

It is said that the line for getting a spot to come to Earth for the challenge, and the beauty, is long on the Other Side.  As I say in my new book Higher Consciousness Meditation,  “We arrive here, Souls from the Other Side with high expectations”. 

  • Our Master Teachers (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, the Rishis and others too numerous to mention) have tried to give us clues about the fact that we, in fact, despite the evidence to the contrary, live in an Intelligent Universe of Spirit that wants us to be safe, happy, loving, self-actualized and conscious of our status as Beings with a Higher Consciousness.
  • This is a Reality that can be only perceived by direct experience, rather than with thought and dogma. Such perception requires, though, a shift in consciousness and contact with our Soul, or individual Higher Consciousness.  But who in our lives teach us such things.  Nobody.  Because few know, despite the efforts of the more advanced of us. 
  • Such understanding, despite being one of the major reasons why we are here, doesn’t come naturally.  The limitations for our human form and ego mind don’t allow it.  Humaness is too focused on survival and trying to make immediate personal conditions as comfortable as possible. 
  • That’s why meditation is so valuable.  It gives us a chance to separate our consciousness, if only for a moment, from our total fusion with human awareness.  We come to think that we are our biomechanical vehicle instead of being the driver of it. 
  • We have other senses with which to perceive Five-Dimensional Reality that must be discovered, since most of us don’t know about them or naturally use them.
  • Yet, oneness, love, light, joy, peace, health, and abundance are the attributes of this Reality, and are available to any of us who venture there long enough to have them become normal and natural. 

My new Higher Consciousness Meditation process is one method to acquaint us with Higher Consciousness and to develop such awareness.  The process has as it’s goal, the development of an awareness capable of perceiving of what is going on simultaneous with human awareness.   To become aware, mind you, is a radical shift, one in which we see ourselves, others and our world from a very different perspective. 

We Are Here to Learn New Skills

One of the things I have come to realize, through my meditation practice, is that we have two sets of senses.  Human seeing, feeling, tasting, touching, and hearing.  And the Spiritual Senses of Seeing, Feeling, Tasting, Touching, Hearing, Breathing and Healing. (All of these are discussed in detail in my upcoming book, Six-Second Mindful Meditations.)

Let’s take Sacred Seeing, for example.  In an elevated state of consciousness, we can “see” the Spirit or Soul element of another.  We can see their “essence” and their magnificence imperceptible to the human eyes, which are much more attuned to seeing our differences than our similarities as Beings of Higher Consciousness. The conundrum is that we have to be in a state of Higher Consciousness to see the Higher Consciousness of another. 

One way to be in that state is with Sacred Breathing.  Sacred Breathing doesn’t have a direct correlation to one of the five physical senses,  Yet, I think it is the most powerful and versatile of all the Sacred Senses.  Sacred Breaths, Christ Breaths, Transcendent Breaths, Healing Breaths, Love Breaths, Forgiveness Breaths, and others are possible and useful.  It takes so little for us to pause and take a Breath that has a particular purpose determined by our intent.   

Sacred Breaths are certainly a way to raise our consciousness, the vibration of our Being, and they are a key component of the HCM process mentioned earlier.  In summary, a Sacred Breath is taken by expanding the Spirit that lies within all of us on the inbreath, pausing for a second to let Spirit pool up, and then radiating Spirit out into your world on the outbreath.  Doing so enlivens ourselves and the world around us.  

If/when we are individually and collectively able to make a shift in consciousness, the Garden of Eden will flower forth and we will once again walk and talk with the Father (our personal Higher Consciousness).    

Our Oneness, Another Reason for Being Here

We only have to look at the lessons from the coronavirus to see how intertwined we are.  We are all World Citizens subject to the same dis-eases everywhere as human.  Poor leadership and lack for foresight regarding this, and the looming Climate Crisis, will be very painful for mankind if allowed to continue.  And we don’t begin to see that we are connected such that whatever happens to all of us; if one of us suffers we all suffer. 

Our Master Teachers indicated, each in their own way, that the Spirit that lies with each of us lies within all of us.  We are all Children of God.  And we have the responsibility to love one another.  And care for one another.  To do so is to care for God Itself.  And we will  live as the Master Teachers did, with magnificence, as bearers of unconditional love and wisdom, illumined with the Light of the Spirit of the All, and worthy of receiving “all that will be added” to us.

We are Also Here to Address the Fruits of  Past Karma

If you believe, as I do, that we are all Eternal Beings.  And if you believe, as I do, that we return to Earth over and over again to learn the lessons we need to learn, then it becomes obvious that some of our lifetimes have not been sweetness and light.  We have all done, in our humanness, mean things to each other.  This creates karmic ties that need to be corrected in order for us to continue to evolve.

These karmic ties are especially strong with friends and relatives in this time around with whom, its my sense, we have spent multiple lifetimes and generated lots of karma.  Some of these are members of our Soul Group, that group of beings who we tend to gather with in some form of relationship, lifetime after lifetime.  

One way to address this issue is to use the Sacred Seeing skill I mentioned above.  Seeing the essence of another with whom we are intertwined, by itself, can melt away unresolved karmic ties.  Such is the power of Sacred Seeing.  Another way is to be sure we cause no suffering to those around us. Kind acts also melt karma.  

Lastly, We are Here to Establish an Unbreakable Bond with our Higher Consciousness 

I took a very deep dive into my meditation practice after being fired in a very traumatic way from what I thought was my dream job.  In the process I began to have amazing insights and experiences, including experiences of Illumination.  I also began to encounter and develop a relationship with my Soul, my Higher Consciousness.   

As I turned Within It, my Higher Consciousness was there to meet me.  In my case, I think my Higher Consciousness had waited lifetimes, many lifetimes, for me to begin to Awaken and has been such a great, and patient, teacher.  “He” has become my friend, my mentor, and, increasingly, I’m sensing that a fusion occurring between us.  A Oneness which only requires my turning my attention to Him, at any time, under all circumstances. 

These Understandings Are Why Meditation Matters

The alternative model of reality presented in this post is what the mystics and Christed Beings have been talking about, each in their own way, over the centuries:  the Garden of Eden, Nirvana, Paradise, Enlightenment, Resurrection, the World to Come.  They have attempted to take the blinders off our hypnotized eyes.  Each has exhorted us to transcend our small view of reality for the grander reality they were able to see with their inner senses, in their exploration of the transcendent world of 5-Dimensions.  This Reality is perceptible, but with different tools than our five human senses, and our limited view of the world as a dangerous and fearful place. 

The tools of perception are the same ones our advanced brothers and sisters themselves used: going Within, long enough and deep enough to experience what’s there, making contact with Infinity, seeing and sensing a different way, and a change in consciousness. Meditation is one of the best tools available to develop the “spiritual senses” that we all possess, have at our disposal, but haven’t been taught to use.    

What do you think?  Does these ideas resonate?  Has meditation helped?  Comment below.


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