Meditation Matters: Let’s Take Responsibility for Our Own Transition

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Rilots flying their plane

It looks like each of us and all of us who are inclined to “get real” are going to have to take responsibility for a transition from Trump to Biden, and from an abnormal administration to a normal one, and get ready to move from Neverneverland back to a functioning country.  And our place in it, our place in this time in the Age of Aquarius, which is no longer the “dawning” but the flowering forth. Our personal transformation

This sounds weird to even as I sit here writing this, but it’s obvious that Trump and his minions are going to hold on as long as possible, some to position themselves to run for President and others to avoid prosecution and public scorn.  Joe Biden has begun to show us the way.  “Just Do It”.  But just like we took responsibility to vote Biden in, and are taking responsibility to keep each other safe, we are going to have to take responsibility for our own transition.  

Angela’s Right

Perhaps we should talk to Angela Merkel who famously said We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands.”  (In fact, consulting with our allies is not a bad idea.  We should also ask our allies to help us out and we can re-bond with each other while we do.)

This has been a strange time, this last 4 and a half years.  We have done many things that we never expected to have to do, from wearing masks to babysitting 24/7.  Much of the governmental thrashing about and dysfunction that Trump has forced us to have to go through, and make up coping solutions as we go, are issues and questions that were only theoretical.  Mostly discussed at political science gatherings.  Many of us did not know for example, what the CDC does, really, and now we know a lot about it.  Some of the ground we have broken is so new that nobody ever “gamed” it out.  Like how to remove a reluctant president who appears to not want to go.  These are things we only heard about in democracies with shaky foundations that sometimes crumbled.

In any case, we need to accept that this is one of those times when we are walking into the unknown with a leader who doesn’t know what he’s going to do from moment to moment but has shown himself to be dangerous to many people.  Including his own cabinet secretaries.

Let’s just proceed as if the deranged guy in the park whose shouting at the pigeons is not bothering our conversation too much.  And get on with it.  At all levels of society.  Including ourselves, individually.  From helping the Dreamers who will soon be allowed to proceed with their lives in-country to those who will be planning public education policy at the national level.  

Some Solutions

These are problems seeking solutions we have never considered.  For example:

  • Biden and his Task Force need to be having informal Zoom meetings with whatever governors want to participate to begin to game out the country’s response to a coronavirus that may be raging like a California wildfire by January.   Additional coordinated responsibility is needed.  Yesterday.    
  • We are going to need money at all levels to get our governmental infrastructure put back together.  States may need to look to large foundations and major corporations to put up the money to fund the super project of their choice.  Bill Gates, we need you.  Quickly.  The money you’ve been spending and skills you’ve been honing abroad in third world countries are needed by your country before we devolve into being third world ourselves.
  • We may need to organize super Kickstarter events to help bail out our cities, because we don’t know if there will be a Democrat or Republican Senate to pass a stimulus bill.  We have to assume that it will be Republican and that they are willing to let the economy go to hell before they take one up such a bill.  Instead, they may take up a full-throated defense of our National Treasury from being raided any more than it has been. That horse is already out of that barn and the Repubs held the bridal as they let it out.   Bake sales.  We need bake sales.   A lot of bake sales.  
  • We also need to develop commissions, lots of commissions, to study and make recommendations to our government about what we want and need. Specifically.  Quickly.  Or let the organizations in their field come forward with plans, plans they may already have in the works.  In any case, such conversations have to have, I repeat, have to have, community input and buy-in.  Democracy from the ground.  We’ve got a lot to do.  Climate change is lurking. Equality begs.  Mothers are pulling their hair out.  And we won’t begin vaccinating the average person until spring flowers begin to pop
  • Let’s just proceed like we have to move on.  Double time.  Which we do. Let’s flex the newly developed political and ideological muscles we have been exercising over the past 9 months and put the enthusiasm and commitment we generated to work.  And rebuild our country. Back.  Better. Personally.  

There’s Nothing Better to Put our Time, Energy and Attention Into—Country

I’ve just begun to scratch the surface.  This will take a lot of creativity on our part.  We’ll have to continue to take personal responsibility for our country.  Governance and participation from the ground up.   And help our leaders become servant leaders–serving our wishes, not theirs.

We’ve learned both how fragile and how enduring our democracy is.  The challenges of the future, especially a future where everyone participates equally, beacons each of us to step up.  In whatever way we want to.  In whatever way we can.  The way to a democracy we can all be proud of again is through participation.  What else could be more important?  Many of us (though not all) have a bit of time on our hands.


Many of us are also in a time of transition.  Working from home.  Considering moving from high density downtown areas.  Women leaving the workforce to home schooling our kids.  Some having lost jobs that will never come back and others with jobs waiting for us to be able to come back.  Many of will have to reinvent themselves, some are already doing it. 

It’s pretty evident.  Our worlds are never going to be the same.  Even if we get to a point where things seem to have returned to normal.  There seems to me to be an underlying change in context, a change in paradigm.  The energy is quickly moving into the future, at an accelerated rate.  Each us will have to adapt.  Meditation can help.  Here’s how, using myself as the example.


As some of you might know, I was fired 5 years ago from a high-level executive job which ended my 25-year career trajectory.  I had taken a transfer to San Diego from North Carolina, but my boss turned out to be something of a psychopath.  I did the proper thing and let the higher ups know about the problem.  After an investigation, she was fired, but so was I.  Troublemaker. 

As a result, I took a deep dive into my meditation practice and began writing as a therapeutic exercise about the intriguing experiences I was having.  After 300,000 words into my journal I realized I had something others might be interested in.  An author was born.  An inventor of tools for transformation like Higher Consciousness Meditation.

Including the invention of my new, simple, fast, extremely effective meditation process called Higher Consciousness Meditation.  This process gave me direct access to my Higher Consciousness, to my Soul.  My reinvention process was underway and I emerged a new me.  Grateful that I had been fired and had to consider other options.


So its time to take matters into our own hands.  To take Angela Merkle’s advice.  To dig deep and find Spirit’s intention for you.  It’s gotta happen.  Whether it’s COVID or Climate Control or our kid’s education.  We all have to step up 

What do you think?  Does these ideas resonate?  Are you going to have to reinvent your self?  Comment below.


Blair is a published writer, poet, and consultant who developed a new meditation technique called Higher Consciousness Meditation after many years of meditation and yoga, and a traumatic job loss at the hands of an abusive boss.  His emerged a deep dive into his meditation practice with new and vibrant ways of coping with life’s challenges.

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