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Discover the 6-Minute “Shortcut” to Achieving a State of Calm, Peace, and Serenity With a Breakthrough Meditation 2.0 Technique!

Groundbreaking book from Blair Abee reveals the scientific proof behind meditation and how you can reach higher states of consciousness…FAST!

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Enjoy the Incredible Benefits of Meditation Even If You Don’t Practice Regularly or Have Never Tried It Before!

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t have a meditation practice is because of TIME.

They think they need to sit down and meditate for 20 or 30 minutes every day to do it right.

While a sit-down meditation practice can be powerful, most people don’t know it’s not the ONLY way.

We all live very busy lives and if you’re dealing with stress every day, even having time for yourself can feel like a luxury.

Maybe you’re a busy mom struggling to keep up with the kids and a job…

Maybe you’re a working professional working in a high-stress field…

Maybe you’re heading towards burnout but feel like you can’t afford to slow down…

Or maybe you just feel stressed and overwhelmed with life right now and wish you had a way to cope with it all..

Whatever the case may be, I know what that feels like and how it can trigger all sorts of negative feelings and situations in your life.

The good news is, there’s a way out.

I’ve spent years studying meditation and the human mind…

And developed a simple, systematic way to tap into higher consciousness where you can access the guidance and clarity you need.

It’s why I call this practice a way to live a life of inner richness and mastery.

Yes! I’m ready to experience Higher States of Consciousness!

Start Experiencing the Effects Of This Simple Meditation Technique “On Demand”!

Just imagine how much better your life would be if you had:

ALL of this is possible with what I call Meditation 2.0.

Inside my book, you’ll discover how a 6-minute daily ritual is enough to achieve a state of mindfulness.

This is a way of “training your mind” to operate as your higher self.

When you experience this for yourself, you’ll notice that all that “mind chatter” just fades away so you have a direct line of communication with your higher self — a powerful source of guidance and support you need to get through virtually anything in life.

Think of this as BYPASSING traditional mind training practices…

And using proven, science-backed tools and techniques that help you overcome life’s challenges, make better decisions, and leave you feeling empowered!

Who Am I To Write This and
Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Blair Abee, I’m an author, yogi, and mystic.

But I was once stuck at a job with a difficult boss who was abusing employees.

To say this was a toxic work environment would be an understatement.

I dreaded going to work every single day.

I fought back anger and anxiety every morning just thinking about what the day ahead would be like.

Would there be another blowup with the team?

Would we have to watch another team member be abused?

Would we hear about how badly we had screwed up (again)?

It was an unhealthy environment but I couldn’t afford to leave…

I knew I had to find a way to cope.

And drinking alcohol or taking anxiety meds wasn’t going to be the answer.

It was during this time that I turned to meditation and yoga practice — it helped to keep me sane during these extremely troubling and distressing times.

I knew that when I couldn’t control the situation, I could still control only ONE thing…

And that one thing was my MIND.

As long as I could “tune out” from all that damaging talk and behaviors happening around me…

I could “tune in” to support, encouragement, and comfort that was coming from a higher source.

I believe that source is our higher consciousness — a state of being where you “rise above” the noise of life and enter a state of extreme calm, serenity, and peace.

I didn’t know it at the time but what I had stumbled into was an advanced type of meditation practice.

I was able to “tap in” to a level of thinking and state of being where I could heal and protect my energy.

As I began to practice going into and out of this state more and more frequently…

All while the situations at work progressively got worse and worse, more toxic and more unhealthy…

I realized there are a few “tricks” to getting into this state of mind quickly and almost effortlessly.

And all you have to do is “train” your mind with a simple, daily 6-minute practice!

Yes! Show me the 6-minute ritual

This Is Like the “Shortcut” to Calming and Clearing Your Mind, Anytime You Need It

Whether they’re a beginner or practice meditation regularly…

Most people don’t realize there are things you can do in your everyday life that make it 10x easier to get into a state of higher awareness…

That you can be more creative…solve problems faster…and just feel like you’re more in control of your emotions and mental health.

You might think this all sounds too good to be true, but the TRUTH is that it’s all readily available to you.

I wrote “Higher Consciousness Meditation: A Life of Inner Richness and Mastery” to share it ALL.

Inside this book, you’ll discover The Higher Consciousness Meditation (HCM) Process you can apply immediately for profound results:

It’s all waiting for you inside!

Here’s what’s in store:

More Praise for
Higher Consciousness Meditation

Yes! I want to achieve higher states of awareness!

About Blair Abee

Blair Abee was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, though he has spent much of his life in the San Francisco Bay Area. He never intended to be an author. Instead, he spent most of his work life as an entrepreneur and business consultant, though he began his yoga and meditation practices more than 45 years ago and self-exploration has been his avocation. 

He is an observer, yogi, toolmaker, and mystic. His books reflect his discoveries, combined with scientific evidence, to provide readers with an “unconventional” and alternative approach to meditation,.

Meditation 2.0 was conceived with the idea that there’s another way to practice meditation to reach higher states of awareness. Sit-down meditation has its merits but everyday people can enjoy the profound effects of meditation by learning how ot practice mindfulness.

By the end of 2020 Blair will have published 6 books on meditation, mindfulness, and other related topics.


Absolutely! This book is written for ALL experience levels and designed to help you learn quickly while you apply what you learn along the way.

The great thing about Meditation 2.0 is you can start getting results in just 6 minutes a day! That’s why it’s perfect for busy parents, worker bees, and entrepreneurs who live a fast-paced lifestyle.

Yes! Just select “digital version” at checkout to get both the paperback version mailed to you and instant access to the digital version.

The book is 149 pages long but an easy read. A lot of people tell me they appreciate how organized it is and how it is easy to follow!

That’s really up to you but most people can do it within days of consistent effort. All you really need to do is “let go” and allow your mind to relax and wonder to the next level. I explain this more in my book but it is 100% possible to achieve…and FAST!


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