The Key to Experiencing Abundance

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Much has been said and written about experiencing abundance.  It turns out the Law of Attraction is the key to experiencing abundance as I discuss in-depth in my new book, The Manifestation Book.  Today’s post is about the Law of Attraction.  What it is and why it works.  How to create abundance is the subject for a future blog post.

I have come to realize how simple the Law of Attraction is. On one level, it is unbelievably simple: higher personal vibrations will “attract” higher vibration outcomes in life. Said more accurately, higher vibrations “beget” higher vibrational outcomes. I like the latter expression because it shows that there is a strong cause-and-effect relationship between that which is going on Within and the outcomes “without”, out there in the world.

Therefore, higher vibrations in any area of life will beget higher vibrational versions of the same: people, places, things, resources, experiences, feelings, thoughts. Lower personal vibrations will beget lower-level versions of these.

Contemporary Thinking on the Law of Attraction

We have developed many ways to help people improve their lives. One way is to change your thoughts, beliefs, and actions to cause circumstances to change. The theory is “If you would just clear away your blocks and resistances, life will be beautiful”.

Another method, which has gained a lot of attention in recent years, is to try to use and manipulate the Law of Attraction with the goal of manifesting “anything you want in life”. Within certain circles, there has been a flood of claims about being able to manifest or cause things to appear, in various ways.

Using this method of controlling or changing your thoughts, it is said you can manifest what you want. As you think, so shall a BMW appear in your driveway, in some magical way.

Akin to this is the system of putting pictures of those things you desire on poster boards or in a video.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of ego/mind involved in the clearing and programming approaches to the manifesting methods mentioned above. These approaches are deliberate attempts to create miracles, an interesting set of thought experiments. However, truthful aficionados of these approaches will tell you that the results are spotty, unpredictable, and hard to understand or duplicate.

And then there’s prayer — begging a divine being for what you want, verbally or mentally. This means has been used for as long as humans have been conscious beings. We have offered prayers to nature spirits, gods living in some “other dimensional” place, or a single God in Heaven. Offerings, sacrifices, magical incantations, pleas, and demands used in various ways to influence the entity to which such prayer is offered.

The Higher Consciousness Alternative

I think that a more productive approach to improving our lives involves changing our consciousness, our state of awareness, rather than the quality of our ego/mind thoughts, our subconscious drives, or our word prayers. The Higher Consciousness alternative involves aligning with our Souls and is much more likely to result in a favorable unfolding of our circumstances.

Our Higher Consciousness, our Soul, is where truly valuable manifestation can occur. You, in partnership with your Higher Consciousness, have the ability and the clarity to generate the high-level vibrations needed to beget those Spiritual Gifts that will contribute to your well-being.

Developing your relationship to your Higher Consciousness can take time, focus, and skill to accomplish. The mechanism that I have found for this development is meditation.

This approach to abundance is very sacred, a stepping down of the vibration of Spirit into the physical. A Blessing. In working with the Law of Attraction, we must see the work as sacred and Eternal, rather than the activity of the ego/mind to satisfy its wants, which are endless and will never be satisfied.

The better approach to personal well-being and manifesting is to ask Spirit, your HiC, what It wants of you rather than asking, visualizing, or praying for what you want from It.

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