Why It Matters Who God Is

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The Stars of the Universe

That God is not a superhuman creator and controller of the Universe (See Part 1) but The ALL, the Entirety of Eternity is an important distinction.

Conclusions and Principles

What conclusions might we draw, what use principles might we derive from concluding that God is The ALL, the source, energy and substance of all that is, and is available to be experienced as all power, everywhere present, and all-knowing?. I propose that the conclusions that we can draw from the Isness of The ALL and its qualities are profound. These are conclusions that stand our understanding of the human condition and the meaning of life on Planet Earth on its head.

The Most Profound Implication

The most profound implication is that if The ALL is present everywhere, then The ALL is present in us. Is us. And that we are One with It. That we are of the same energy and substance as The All. And we are more than biomechanical vehicles with a central processor brain that constantly drones on and on about its observations and its frantic concern for the past and the future.

Instead, as energy sparks of The ALL, we are Spirit inhabiting the body vehicle. Eternal Beings, just waiting to be freed of the bounds of the ego/body/ mind by the realization of who and what we are. Sons and daughters of The ALL.

Our Master Teachers Taught Us This

This is what all of our Master Teachers have tried to tell us, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Lau Tzu, Martin Luther King. They have all said something akin to these words from Mohammed, “Thou art a mortal being, And thou art the Eternal One. Know thyself, through the light of wisdom. Except Thee there exists none.” None but The ALL.

Or as Robert Browning put it, “There is an inmost center in us all, where truth abides in fullness;….and, to know, consists in opening out a way where the imprisoned splendor may escape, than in effecting entry for a light (we have) supposed to be without.”

Illumination is Available

If we can find this inmost center where the imprisoned splendor resides then we can know “The Kingdom of Heaven” of which Jesus speaks. And can become as our Elder Brothers were—loving, peaceful, joyful, divinely intelligent, capable of healing ourselves and others, and Illumined. We can become Illumined in this lifetime, depending on how skillful we are at negotiating the Path and how rapidly we can raise our vibration through whatever spiritual practice we undertake.

Not that we won’t struggle and experience hard times until we’ve grown sufficiently. However, learning to go Within where the imprisoned splendor lies, daily, is an accomplishment of a lifetime. And can be extremely helpful in coping with our daily lives.

We will become more loving, peaceful, joyful, divinely intelligent, capable of healing, and Illumined and our daily lives will become more full of the kinds of people, things, and circumstances we desire. While lower-level experiences begin to melt away.

Making Soul Contact

This imprisoned splendor is, to my way of thinking, who and what the Soul is. Our individualized spark of The ALL that is the personal source of our life force and our partner throughout our Earthly journey. With which we are also One, and which waits patiently for us to recognize it and turn to it for the significant upgrade in awareness and quality of life that Soul Contact brings.

Experiencing The ALL and making Soul Contact is the purpose of my book The Meditation Book. In it, I offer a unique meditation process called Higher Consciousness Meditation (HCM) that is designed for just this purpose. And bypasses traditional meditation methods that focus on mind training, an arduous path for many people.

Health Benefits

Learning to relax, rest in Spirit’s loving arms, develop and enjoy contact with your Higher Consciousness, and view life from an elevated perspective is perhaps the greatest benefit of knowing and experiencing The ALL

In addition, the ability to relax, to destress, leads to a benefit that scientific research has established—the lessening of physical, mental, and emotional conditions and disease. (Which I explore in great depth in my book The Amazing Benefits of Meditation.)

According to Charles L. Raison, MD, clinical director of the Mind-Body Program at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta. “It’s hard to think of an illness in which stress and mood don’t figure,” Raison is quoted as having said at WebMD. “We know stress is a contributor to all the major modern killers:

Author Hanna Braime concurs, “Stress and anxiety wreak havoc with our immune system, leaving us susceptible to all kinds of nasties—particularly during the winter. Developing a regular meditation practice reduces the amount of stress-related chemicals in our body and also leaves us less likely to turn to unhealthy coping strategies to deal with the stress.”

In over 3000 studies, meditation has been shown to have a positive impact on the incidence of and severity of:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases
  • Heart disease
  • Dementia
  • Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases)
  • New (or new strains of) infectious diseases (which attack weak immune systems)
  • Intentional self-harm (suicide)”
  • And many more conditions

Best Possible Outcomes In All Areas of Life

Furthermore, as we begin to reach higher levels of consciousness we vibrate at a higher frequency. Higher personal vibrations will “attract” higher vibration outcomes in life. Said more accurately, higher vibrations “beget” higher vibrational outcomes according to the Law of Attraction. I like the latter expression because it shows that there is a powerful cause and effect relationship between that which is going on Within and the outcomes “without”, out there in the world. This is what is meant by the idea that you create your own reality.

Higher vibrations in any area of life will beget higher vibrational versions of the same: people, places, things, resources, experiences, feelings, thoughts. A significant second benefit from knowing The All and your Soul.

And it is possible, by learning to properly involve our Soul/Spirit in our lives, to improve the quality of our lives and create abundance. The key is “asking” properly with the Highest Possible Outcome process I have developed and present in my newest book The Manifestation Book. BPOs are addressed to our Souls, ask for the Best Possible Outcome around any particular concern we might have, and leave the specifics to Spirit to work out for us.

Buddha on Creating Our Own Reality

My research shows that Gautama Buddha was one of the first to assert the idea of creating our own reality when he said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought; it is founded on our thoughts; it is made up of our thoughts. A man’s life is the direct result of his thoughts… We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”

To Buddha’s teaching, I would add that the sum of our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual vibrations contributes to the “cloud” that surrounds each of us, an aura. This cloud is made up a swirl of energy that begets the good and the bad in our lives, based on our thoughts, feelings, actions, karma, and spiritual beliefs. This cloud creates our own unique, individualized universe. Our lives, then, are the “out-picturing” of the vibrations we embody in perfect conformity with the Law of Attraction.


Proper knowledge, and experience, of who and what God (the All) is perhaps the most important thing to understand in all of human existence. Not just an understanding of the nature of The ALL (the Who and the What). But, also, the application of that understanding to our daily lives as Soul Contact with Spirit—the force that animates the Universe. And It’s potential for infusing and improving our lives.

The Meditation Book, which teaches Soul Contact, is available in e-book version for $.99 until Friday.  Great deal.

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