Awaken Meditation Crescent Zafu Yoga Cushion Hand/Machine Washable Filled with Natural Cotton & Buckwheat – 100% Cotton

  • RELIEVE THE DAY’S STRESS, FIND ZEN as you sit meditating in quiet comfort on our all natural buckwheat filled meditation yoga crescent zafus
  • ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOALS – watch your decision making and focus improve as you enter into a heightened state of zen and mental acuity through washable meditation crescent cushion
  • BE AND FEEL MORE HEALTHY – mental and physical well being is awakened with regular visualization and deep breathing on our specialty yoga sitting meditation cushions
  • MEDITATE IN COMFORT – plenty of space on our wide crescent zafus. Meditation cushion crescent support for spine and tailbone
  • ENJOY FOR YEARS – Quality through and through: zippered inner, double reinforced outer layers, Machine or hand washable zafu meditation crescent cushion


The Awaken Crescent Zafu is a meditation cushion that provides a zen like space that is soft as a cloud and fosters better blood flow and comfort by reducing pressure on your joints. The Crescent Zafu Cushion Dimensions are 22″x16″x4″. It supports healthy mind and body and supporting healthy blood pressure & heart. Each zafu meditation cushion crescent is filled to the brim with all natural buckwheat enclosed in a zippered inner shell. Washable yoga meditation cushion is natural cotton filling keeps pressure off from the tailbone and spine. Meditation crescent cushion will allow deeper and longer meditation sessions. It is made up of 100% cotton cover features a zipper for easy cleaning & maintenance. Washing the cover with hand or machine wash in warm water and air dry.

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