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Why Meditate? 5 Great Reasons

Why Meditate? 5 Great Reasons

Meditation has many amazing benefits.   Here are 5: To reduce stress and loneliness To invite “in” health and healing benefits     To bypass the mind’s constant chatter To make direct contact with the Divine To welcome our Soul’s participation in our lives Have you...

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Stressed? Meditation Helps. 11 Ways to Relax

Stressed? Meditation Helps. 11 Ways to Relax

Are you feeling stressed out?  Let’s face it these are stressful times.  Here are 11 ways you can relax. 1.  Ask the question, "How am I feeling?"  2.  Make some bread or work in the garden. 3.  Become more Aware; use mindfulness techniques 4.  Meditate and develop...

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I began meditating 45 years ago. In 2013 my whole world turned upside down.  I dove deep into my meditation and came up with a few pearls to share……(more)

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