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Chapter 5.  The Law of Attraction is the Key to Experiencing Abundance from  The Manifestation Book, book 4

While the Universe is an abundant one, attracting good things into your life is a separate but related subject touched on in the previous chapter but explored more thoroughly in this one.

I’ve come to realize how simple, in many ways, the Law of Attraction is.  On one level, it is unbelievably simple:  higher personal vibrations will attract higher vibration outcomes in life.  

Like Attracts Like

Therefore, higher vibrations in any area of life will attract higher vibrational versions of the same:  people, places, things, resources, experiences, feelings, thoughts.  Lower personal vibrations will attract lower level versions of these.

My research indicates that Gautama Buddha was one of the first to assert this when he said, “All that we are is the result of what we have thought; it is founded on our thoughts; it is made up of our thoughts. A man’s life is the direct result of his thoughts… We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”    

To Buddha’s teaching, I would add that the sum total of our mental, along with emotional, physical and spiritual vibrations contributes to the “cloud” that surrounds each of us, an aura.  This cloud is made up a swirl of energy that attracts the good and the bad in our lives, based on our thoughts, feelings, actions, karma and spiritual beliefs.  This cloud creates our own unique, individualized universe.   Our lives, then, are the “out picturing” of the vibrations we embody in perfect conformity with the Law of Attraction.

This is what is meant by the idea that you create your own reality.   If you are like most people, there are areas of your life in which things are great and others where they are not so good.  If you drew it out it might look like this:

This shows a person whose work and family situation is going pretty well, but whose relationship and health need work.

After a while, we become set in our ways.  Thoughts, feelings, people, situations generate a vibration and a momentum that conspire to keep the dynamics of our lives pretty static.  The momentum feeds on itself until it becomes the cycle of “your life” in all its glory.  Buddha called this cycle the wheel of birth and death, and it is the not-so-good areas, and our seeming inability to do anything about them, that causes us to suffer.

Contemporary Thinking About the Law of Attraction

This feeling of “stuckness” causes the average person to begin to ask the question, “What can I do about this?”  Many ways have been developed to help people improve their lives.  One way is to change your thoughts, beliefs, and actions in an attempt to cause circumstance to change.   The theory is “If you would just clear away your blocks and resistances life will be beautiful”.   This type of inner work is useful and valuable—I have done plenty of it myself.  I know there is value in working on yourself to clear way the conditioning of childhood and ‘bad programming’, on replacing bad thinking with good thinking to set up positive circumstances.

Those who have undertaken this path of changing themselves to have a better life, though, know this can be is a long and arduous path, fraught with fits and starts and disappointments.  This is because there are so many moving parts that effect the collective vibration of your aura, and the tools for change so are so primitive that progress can be exceedingly slow.

In my own case, for example, I grew up in a family with modest, but sufficient, means.  A common saying in our house was that “Rich people are not necessarily happy”, indicating that it was probably better to not be rich.  This implied that “Rich people get their money by unfair methods”.  Lynne termed my family’s thought form “poverty consciousness”, contrasted to the well to do family thought forms she grew up with.  Over the years, in our “talk therapy” sort of way, we have worded to free up my psyche around this issue, with some degree of success.

Another method, which has gained a lot of attention in recent years, is to try and manipulate Law of Attraction with the goal of manifesting “what you want in life”.  Within certain circles there have been a flood of claims about being able to manifest, or cause things to appear, in various ways.

Using this method of controlling or changing your thoughts, it is said, you can manifest what you want–as you think, so shall a BMW appear in your driveway, usually in an indirect but magical way.  Akin to this is the system of putting pictures of those things you desire on poster boards, or in a video.  In this scenario, it is said that the subconscious mind can’t differentiate between fantasy and reality, and that by feeding the subconscious mind pictures of things desired you can get your subconscious mind to manifest that which you “deserve”.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of ego/mind involved in the clearing and programming approaches to manifesting mentioned above.  These approaches are deliberate attempts to create miracles; an interesting set of thought experiments.  However, truthful aficionados of these approaches will tell you that the results are somewhat spotty, unpredictable and hard to understand or duplicate.

When it comes to the subconscious mind approach, there are two problems in my view.  First, the subconscious mind is where all of the unexpressed pain and suffering a person has experienced is stored–unacknowledged and hidden trauma.  The subconscious mind is constantly bubbling up to the surface with symptoms of these buried thoughts and feelings in the form of stress, dis-ease, attacks against oneself and others, and more.

Therefore, it is unreasonable to expect this part of the psyche to begin to vibrate at the rates needed to clearly attract the purest versions of that which is desired:  love, joy, peace, good relationships, supply, healing and the like.  Giving this part of the psyche the job of producing what is desired by programming it to do so simply will not work very well.  Clear, clean, high-rate vibrations can’t be produced by the mess that is the subconscious mind, unless one undertakes the rigorous job of cleaning the subconscious of the detritus that is lurking there.  Those things attracted by the subconscious mind, therefore, are likely to be distorted and misaligned with the real needs of the individual.

The last alternative involves prayer, asking or begging a divine being for what you want, verbally or mentally.  This means has been used for as long as humans have been conscious beings.  Prayers have been offered to nature spirits, gods residing in some other dimensional place, and a single God in Heaven.  Offerings, sacrifices, magical incantations, pleas and demands have been used in various ways to influence the entity to which such prayer is offered.

In my opinion, Spirit, the Intelligence of the Universe, is not a Santa Claus and does not dispense worldly goodies to the ones best able to sacrifice a lamb in just the right way or able to create just the right thought.  Spirit is not a respecter of persons or their thoughts.

The Higher Consciousness Alternative

I think that a more productive approach to improving your life involves changing your consciousness rather than the quality of your ego/mind thoughts, your subconscious drives or your word prayers.  The Higher Consciousness alternative involves you aligning with your Soul and is much more likely to result in a favorable unfolding of your circumstances.

Your Higher Consciousness is where truly valuable manifestation can occur.  You, in partnership with your Higher Consciousness, has the ability and the clarity to generate the high level vibrations needed to attract those Spiritual Gifts that will contribute to your well-being. ( It is also the Higher Consciousness, by the way, that has the ability to clear the subconscious mind of the “junk” that is clouding the daily consciousness of an individual and attracting lower level vibration manifestations.)  Developing your Higher Consciousness takes time, focus and skill to accomplish.   The mechanism that I have found for this development is meditation.  I will share with you my form of this, The Meditation Book, in Chapter 10.

Using Higher Consciousness Meditation causes your point of attention to become more Spirit oriented; more of your  daily thoughts and impulses are generated at the Soul level.  These spiritualized Thoughtforms register in the mind and flow through into the feelings, body and world of experience. Their higher vibration charges the atmosphere surrounding you and attracts to you higher-level experiences.  Your life can change dramatically in a short period of time if you are able to make the transition from attracting lower level experiences to higher level ones.

This type of sudden change in consciousness is what happened to the friends and “patients” of our Master Teachers—sudden awakenings. Being around their energy was “catching” and accounts of their lives are full of stories of mental, emotional and physical healings.   It was then up to the individual to maintain that elevated vibration to maintain an elevated lifestyle and a healed condition—to stay Awake.


In the next chapter, we will discuss developing your state of Awareness, the key to the Law of Attraction, through meditation and the importance of recognizing your own spark of the Divine as well as developing your relationship with your individual spark of the Divine, your Higher Consciousness.

This approach to manifestation is very sacred, a stepping down of the vibration of Spirit into the physical.  A Blessing.  In working with the Law of Attraction, the work must be seen as sacred and Eternal, rather than activity of the ego/mind to satisfy its wants, which are endless and will never be satisfied.

The better approach to personal well-being and manifesting is to ask Spirit, your HiC, what It wants of you rather than asking, visualizing, or praying for what you want from It.  To develop a relationship with Spirit, one in which begging for one’s personal wants are set aside in favor of  a meditation on the nature Spirit and its qualities,  will allow that relationship to unfold as It will rather than what you would will It to do.

Higher Consciousness Says

I have developed this relationship to such a degree that I have daily conversations with my Higher Consciousness. HiC has this to say about the Law of Attraction:

The Law of Attraction is that like attracts like.  Joy, peace, etc. comes to those most readily who have Awakened and have developed their Higher Consciousness to the degree that they are radiating high level vibration.   This is a delicate subject with a delicate balance, because you cannot use the ego/mind to set out to trick the Universe.  Spirit is not a Santa Claus that will produce what you want if you just ask It the right way, with the right words, or by programming your subconscious mind to outpicture what it sees on the poster that you put together. 

Your abundance may not be in the form of great wealth this lifetime.  Material goods are the last part of the chain and come into your life as a byproduct of your interior state and in the form that best supports Soul development.  You may never have a Rolls Royce.  Your Soul may not need that for your well-being.  To try and “create” it is folly.  If it is to be it will be.  In the meantime, you have more important work to do.  To evolve.  To grow.  To become actualized.  The rest is not so awfully important. 

That’s not to say that your relationship with material goods and money itself is unnecessary and irrelevant.  It’s just that that which will support your Purpose, your mission, will be provided.  Your first responsibility is to your Withiness.  Tend it well and the abundant experience of every good and perfect gift needed for your Soul’s experience of well-being will be yours.  When your Soul is well the experience is accompanied by whatever you need to have that continue and grow.  That which is needed and does not yet exist, is on the way.  Every day of Awareness is one in which you and I as Sowers broadcast seeds for an abundant future.   The seeds will spring up as crop because that’s what seeds do, and that’s what Sowers do.  Sow with Me and be the good Ground in which all of these things will sprout.

I will tell you what plans to make, not the other way around.  These plans will support your Higher Purpose.   Keep your eyes and ears open to see what is going to appear next.  Watch and wait and Be.  Be that which you are–a 5D Being, resplendent in Light.  The rest will take of itself. I will go before you to make the crooked places straight.

I like what Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author and creator of The Money Accelerator said about this.  “Let go of your attachments to how and when your wealth (abundance—my word) will come to you. Be patient and have faith that your efforts will bear fruit. Acknowledge your blessings, and be confident in your ability to create.  Wealth (abundance) will come to you naturally and easily.”   To that I would add “And in many ways, including money.”

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