My Story:  Using Meditation to Recover from a Traumatic Experience

I developed Higher Consciousness Meditation, a new, easy, quick, powerful type of meditation, and the ideas for the books in the Higher Consciousness series, as a way to recover from a traumatic experience. Several years ago, I took a major promotion and moved my family across the country at my own expense, only to find myself in the worst dilemma of my twenty year business consulting career. The person in charge was severely incompetent, running the program into the ground, and abusing employees and our community college was not paying attention to what  was going on.  I blew the whistle on the situation and she was eventually fired. 

Unfortunately, I was also fired as a “trouble maker” only weeks before becoming tenured, took early retirement and began to reinvent myself.  To maintain my sanity during this difficult time I took a deep dive into my meditation practice and came up with nuggets of gold that I decided to share with people like you. The Higher Consciousness book series (I anticipate writing a total of five or more volumes) is the result.  The series is intended to help people explore their own Higher Consciousness, as well as to grow, evolve, become more peaceful, and cope better with this crazy world of ours. 

I am an explorer who has discovered a variety techniques, tools and ideas that I think you will find useful in your own personal development.  Here’s an example of what I mean. From one perspective each of us has a unique story in which we are born, live and die as three dimensional characters here on Planet Earth.  Simultaneously, we are also Five Dimensional Beings having an Eternity experience in a human body on a planet that is a challenge to master and which gives us an opportunity to grow and evolve into Universal Citizens. Let me explain further, using myself as the example. 

Version One:  The Human Being Version

  • Russell “Blair” Abee, Jr. was born in a three dimensional reality(3d) on Planet Earth in the middle of the 20th Century.  I’m a “baby boomer”, and write books.  That’s it.  Someday, I’ll go to heaven, hell, or oblivion.
  • I was born to parents in North Carolina who seemed to love each other, and loved me a bunch.  I have three younger brothers and one sister.  The bond of DNA is strong.
  • We went to the Lutheran Church in my youth and believed in Jesus as the only Son of God.  I accepted this belief system, hook, line and sinker.
  • I went to school, lots of it.  In undergraduate school I became an atheist because I concluded that the Jesus story was a fairy tale.
  • I graduated from college in 1972 and moved to San Francisco with a friend who was chasing a girl.
  • My BA in Political Science and a quarter bought me a cup of coffee in the world of work.  I started a business remodeling old Victorian houses to survive and stay in California.
  • After a time I went back to school to get a master’s degree.
  • Met a girl.  Got married, had 2 kids, boys, and now, 3 grandchildren, boys.
  • Had friends, and a few people I disliked.
  • Had different jobs.   Owned some businesses.  Went into government service as a business consultant.
  • Retired under duress after 20 years of work, most of which I enjoyed.
  • Will die sometime in the next 30 years.
  • Most of my world and its activities seem random, with some interesting coincidences along the way.
  • My world is a world of duality—black/ white, good/bad; love/hate, hopes/fears.

Version Two:  The Spiritual Being Version

  • I, Blair Abee, left my 5-Dimensional home on the Other Side and, as an Eternal Being, squeezed into an amazing biomechanical vehicle onto Planet Earth, in what may be one of many Intelligent Universes. I reincarnated in the middle of the 20th Century, after many lifetimes stretching back to the beginning of this Universe, and will never “die”.  That is, my Consciousness will never be extinguished.
  • I have a purpose, an Eternity Purpose, which is to grow and develop into my destiny as a Universal Citizen.  I am learning to live a Spirit guided life to fulfill that Purpose.
  • I chose my parents after considering our past lives together, the karma that was in play as a result of our previous associations, and the possibility that I may be able to fulfill my Purpose this lifetime, or significantly move myself along the Path.  In the process, I would be able to erase much of the karma that I had accumulated with my two life sponsors.  (Chose my parents????  This realization took a long time to come to)
  • My childhood and educational career was much the same as described above.
  • I moved to San Francisco, California, and started on my spiritual Path, and began to work in earnest on my Purpose.
  • I began with a Jungian dream workshop and spent many years exploring the Self Help arena.
  • I started doing yoga and meditation 43 years ago, and, a few years later, began to study Zen Buddhism.
  • Met my wife Lynne at a “Be Here Now” workshop and we had an immediate connection/recognition.  During our long, somewhat contentious courtship, we burned off a lot of personal and couple karma.  It became clearer and clearer that we were Soul Mates, companions in many lifetimes, and compatible on many levels.  We married.
  • We have two children, Ivan (my stepson and good friend) and Justin (our son together).  They chose us and we chose them—Ivan needed two dads and two moms, it seems.  Ivan and Justin are mighty companions.
  • We have had a variety of friends and relatives with whom we have clearly spent lifetimes and generated karma.  Some are members of our Soul Group.
  • I was strongly influenced by the Buddhist concept of “right livelihood” in my career choices, and have managed to live by this principal of doing good work, with compatible, enjoyable people, for most of my work career.
  • In the past couple of years, I have really found myself really “waking up” and becoming very deeply involved in my meditation practice.  I developed my own form of meditation, Higher Consciousness Meditation.  As a result, I have come to know my Soul, my individual Higher Consciousness, and have come to many of the realizations expressed in this book.  Most importantly, I have come to experience the idea that we all have within us a Higher Consciousness, the same one fully expressed by Krishna, Jesus and Buddha, among others.
  • I have come to realize that I exist in a Five Dimensional Universe of infinite complexity, which I only know a little bit about.
  • I am working on my Purpose and being led by Spirit, mostly but not totally, represented by my Higher Consciousness, which I affectionately call “HiC”.
  • I know that my physical body will die, that my consciousness will be elevated into the realm of the Other Side, and that I will continue my Eternity Career there.  I will probably return to Earth continue the pursuit of my Purpose.

My Mission is to offer tools, tips and triggers to help people experience their Eternal Beingness


My Story

I began meditating 45 years ago. In 2013 my whole world turned upside down. I dove deep into my meditation and came up with a few pearls to share……(more)

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