Attaining Abundance: Use the Law of Attraction and Vibration

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Abundance comes through cultivating a receptive mode and by using the Law of Attraction and its parent, the Law of Vibration.  Meditation is the best way to get There.  To get to that Place where we are in a peaceful, contented, appreciative State of Mind, and all we need flows in our direction.

All of a Sudden It “Flashed” On Me 

As I ran with Sasha dog recently, I was struck by a series of thoughts about abundance.  More accurately, about being receptive mode, the precursor to abundance.  It was a flash of understanding from Spirit.  From my Higher Self.   Let me share these flashes with you.

I have written about and had experiences of receiving such flashes before.  In fact, much of my work is based on such flashes of inspiration, creativity, the words flowing through my hands onto the computer screen.  And guidance of which direction to go in a moment of hesitation.

Turning to Spirit in a moment of decision about anything, including what type of toothpaste to buy, turns that moment into a Sacred Moment.  When this happens my attention shifts from my human mind to my Eternal Mind.  And the atmosphere around me vibes up.  This the most important aspect of such an experience.  Connection with Source.  Whatever comes after that, including nothing, is just that which should be in 5 Dimensional Reality (the next reality up from 3rd /4th dimensional reality of our daily lives).

Abundance, Attraction of Abundance, is About Vibration

Vibing up our State of Being, which creates a State of Grace, is That out of which abundance flows.  This State is a sense that all is right with the world, including you; that you can breathe.    And it’s the inspiration, the creativity, that comes from that State, that answers the immediate need.  And all of our needs, really.

A word or two about abundance.  First, what is abundance, really?

  • An excess of matter at our disposal—many “things”?
  • Lots of good circumstances and people?
  • A great feeling about the things, circumstances, people we do have (appreciation)?
  • Enough of everything we need to survive?
  • A State of Mind in which what we need most comes to us as needed?

When I use the word abundance, I use it the broadest sense.  Abundance, in my view, is not just the presence of a lot of material possessions in our lives, but abundance in many things. 

I’m abundant in many things.  The prolific blossoms that our two avocado trees bring forth almost all year, a number of computers and other devices in our household, love from my wife and partner Lynne, sons Ivan and Justin, daughters in law Timmy and Christina, grandsons Silas, Archer and Griffy, dog Sasha, cats Annie and Cleo.  Lots of cool business consulting clients.  Vests, vests, an overabundance of vests to the point that we will have to give some away soon.  Great views in all directions as I travel throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  Abundance can and should begin with whatever is within us and in our immediate surroundings.

My broadest take on abundance that it is being in a state of awareness of The ALL (my phrase for “God”), alight with a glow.  Ego and its wants are out of the way.  Being Present.  Not thinking.  In a meditative frame of mind.  Being in a receptive State of Mind.  Abundance and receptivity are recognized as being the same thing.

What’s the Benefit of this View About Law of Attraction? 

No benefit, really.  It, this State, is benefit enough.  It is the pearl of great price that is its own reward.   As an ancillary benefit, though, the whole world is mine (how this State feels) because the whole world is mine.  In these moments I am one with the world, with the whole of Eternity, and the world is one with me.

Eternity and my Higher Self know that have need of things and the things I need are attracted to me.  My health, reducing stress, the things I need to survive and thrive, the inspiration I need to create something out of nothing—a poem, news ideas about my work, the people I need to interact with somehow are.

Law of Manifestation, Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration 

Some of you may have perked up when I said, “the things I need are attracted to me”.  Especially if you are familiar with one or the other schools of prosperity which promise that you can have the things you want.  One of the one’s I have taken a look at over the years has been spawned by the movie and book,  The Secret a compilation of things that have been said about how to create prosperity for centuries plus Rhonda Byrne’s creative spin on the subject.

A fundamental precept of The Secret is that you can have anything you want if you can “Decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it. Believe it’s possible for you,” according to author Rhonda Byrne.  This fundamental precept is generalized as the Law of Attraction.  Some even claim that it is possible to manifest a new BMW in your driveway tomorrow if you can get into the proper state of mind or of receptivity.  It might come by having an idea that makes you the money for the car.  Or that it just appears.

It’s my contention, though, that manifesting things and the Law of Attraction is down stream of, or ruled by, the Law of Vibration.  Which states that “like begets like” or “like is attracted to like”.  Not like a magnet, exactly, but more that like things like to hang out together.  My wife and I like to hang out together, partially because we vibrate at a similar frequency.  When I am in a higher State of Consciousness, people seem to smile around me more, the air feels lighter, things just seem to “happen” that reflect my State.

A Personal Experience 

I think this true, also, about the material things we have.  I have stood in my living room, looked around, and realized that each thing in my living room wants to be there with me.   And from that state of awareness in which I am experiencing Oneness with the Universe, all of these things, in strange way, are Me.  Capital “Me”, Spiritualized Me, appreciates them having come into my life to be with me.

Before you think “This guy is a bit looney”, let me say that others far smarter than me have said the same things.  Hermes Trismegistus, in Ancient Egypt, said “Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause”.  In other words, nothing ever happens by chance. If something happens to you, you caused (attracted) it.

Judaism has long held the belief that “What we think is what we get”.  Similarly, Gautama Buddha said “All that we are is the result of what we have thought”.   In the Christian texts Jesus says, “Thy Father in Heaven, He knowest you have need of these things.  And it is His good pleasure to give them to you”. Lau Tzu, author of the I Ching, says “To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

I now know more about what they meant than I used to when I took their sayings literally.  The Father Jesus was talking about, God, is not a being on a throne somewhere, that will reward us with our fondest wishes if we just pray or beg in just right way, or be a “good” person.   I think he was talking about The ALL which spawned the intelligent Universe that we are currently living in.  The ALL knows you have need of these “things” because you are one of the things the Universe outpictured and your human self and your Higher Self each have desires.  Desires for physical food and Spiritual Food.

Abundance Comes Naturally 

Ask and these things will be given you.  You will naturally have the oxygen you need to breathe.  We don’t even have to ask for that.  Naturally we will have oxygen, to satisfy the rules of Planet Earth, figure out some way to feed and clothe yourself.

Where ever we end up in life, whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, our human self will always want more of something that we feel we don’t have.  A better coat, a better airplane.  Most of these things are given us.  I would say these “things” are attracted to us and we attract them. “Like is attracted to like.”

Most importantly, though, are the Spiritual Things we can have:  peace, love, joy, well-beingness, compassion, a moment of inspiration, a fabulous meditation, amazing companions in life, an awareness of our own Higher Consciousness and even awareness of The ALL.  “Ask, and these things will be given you.  Seek and you shall find.”  Seek peace, find a way to get There, and it will be yours.  Get into a Receptive Mode and they all can be yours.

How?  That is the Question

How to get into that Receptive Mode?  How to get into that State of Mind where both Spiritual and material Things come to you?  To get to the place where the Law of Vibration works for you.  Where you become the Law of Vibration.

Before addressing the “how”, there is one more thing to discuss.  The ego.  Your ego.  My ego. That ego/mind/body that is your human tool to survive.  To wish for more and to seek it out.  To “make it happen”.   That tool that is the two-edged sword of love/hate, good/bad, light/dark.  A creative force for good and a creative force for evil.

First, A Word About Ego 

Let’s face it, this ego has an insatiable appetite for more, more, more.  It is driven by a desire to survive and dominate or control our circumstances.  And this desire body wants what it wants, whatever that is.  Each of us has our own individual “desire body”, full to overflowing with all the things it wants that will make it happy, or at least comfortable.  And will stop at nothing unless reined in by our conscience or values.

What ego wants can be a bit embarrassing to admit to.  Certainly, with our conscience or values, or in spite of them, there many things that we do to each other as human beings each day, and throughout our history as a species, that are horrible, mean, hurtful, ugly.

This mind/body/personality can and will take this sort of information and try to turn it into a tool to try to get more stuff and a tool to use against others.    Try to use the Law of Manifestation to cause a new BMW to appear in the driveway or rule the world.

It is unfortunate for the ego that tries to do this.  Because even if the human appears to succeed in getting that which is wanted/gotta have, it is never enough.  The thing manifested is put aside for the next thing and the next thing.  Satisfaction and appreciation, if achieved, are fleeting, not ongoing states of mind.  More, more, more.  Better, better, better.  Our desire body has to be constantly “fed”.

The Law of  Attraction and Vibration will not work as a tool of the ego.  Why?  Because if we are in a state of ego desire, we are in a lower state of vibration.  That which comes to us is not ever fully appreciated.  It will lose it’s luster or will backfire on us.  In a lower state of vibration, we will inevitably attract “things” (matter, people, experiences) that will be consistent with this lower state.  It will only bring heartache and karmic repercussions.

It’s important to understand this and work, instead, on the Spiritual Manifestations.  The Law of Vibration works better, with better outcomes, if desires are focused on higher vibrational outcomes.  Enlisting our Higher Selves to participate in our process will do just that.  Our Higher Selves know what we need, are ever with us, are always available, and respond best when we bring to our aspirations a sense of Receptivity rather than of wanting.  “Presence rather than preference” as Buddhists like to say.

Find that Sweet Spot from Which All Good Things Come 

Here is a list, and some references:

  • Learn to meditate. Meditation is one of the best ways to shift into a higher vibrational state of peaceful mind.  Receptivity can come if we quieten down long enough to allow it to bubble up.  Learn mindfulness (see Six Second Mindfulness Meditations, see book 3 in my series)
  • Higher Consciousness and Receptivity go hand in hand. A Spiritualized Mind, which is one of the goals of my Higher Consciousness Meditation process, shifts us from preference to Presence.  (See Higher Consciousness Meditation, Book 2 in my series.)
  • If you don’t like what you have or see, change your vibration. Lower level vibratory rates, ego driven aspirations, gross personal desires, accompanied by greed, intention to harm, hidden agendas, etc.  attract, or are congruent with, lower vibratory people, places and outcomes.  Higher vibratory rates attract higher vibratory people, places and outcomes. A change of vibration comes with a change of mind, from human mind to Spirit Mind.

Conclusion One

The interesting thing about abundance is that nobody knows the absolute formula for it. If they did, and they shared it, everybody would abundant.   The attempts at a formula run from:

  • Visualizing that something will appear in your life
  • Summoning what you want; asking or demanding something from the Universe.
  • Asking God for things, or circumstances, or deliverance from…..,, And even bargaining—“If you do this (God), I’ll do that” or the reverse, “If I do this, I’m hoping you’ll do that”.
  • Using a combination of words and feelings and/or adding “eye of newt” (also known as mustard seed) to a potion  to create some outcome.  Magic.
  • Trying to turn gold into lead–alchemy
  • Believing in only one healing tradition:  Western medicine, holistic medicine, psychic healing, fasting.
  • Trying to “work” the law of  attraction and manifestation—attempting to pull the levers or create a state of mind that yields a certain result
  • Or, my favorite, getting as close to my most elevated state of Higher Consciousness as possible and trusting that Spirit will provide. “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:  yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these” (Christian Bible).  Presence rather than preference.  Realize that The ALL, Omnipresence, of which you are made, has your best interest at heart.  This is because your best interest is in the Universe’s best interest.  It causes growth and evolution, that which the Universe is constantly naturally doing.

Want to Take This to Another Level? 

Share from your abundance.  Gautama Buddah said, “If beings knew, as I know, the results of giving & sharing, they would not eat without having given.”  Paraphrased by Jack Kornfeld, ““If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.”

Share Spirit from Within–that is Infinitely Abundant. It’s sharing from our Illumined Mind.  The Father Within says to us, “Son, All that I Have is Thine, so that you might have Life (Light, Spirit), and have It More Abundantly”.  The ALL offers Itself, Its ALLness, to supply us with all we need and to share with others, with the World around us.  In this State we don’t give in order to get, we give from our expansiveness, radiating as a natural function of being in this State.  And our Cup “runneth over”, literally and metaphorically.

Illumined Mind is that Mind through which love, joy, healing, abundance, and the rest can occur as Spirit flows in through that Mind into our world.  That is the blessing of that state of mind.  Grace comes with being in that state of Awareness.   These things are attracted to an Illumined Mind.  The icing on the cake, if you will.  Not the cake itself, but the icing, the extra that comes with the package.

These techniques are explored in detail in book 4 in my meditation series, The Laws of Attraction and Vibration:  Creating an Abundance Mindset. 

Conclusion Two 

We all want to be abundant in our lives.  The concept of abundance is usually taken to be a state where we have lots of stuff.  And, when we are dissatisfied with how much we do have, the desire which leads to undertaking ways to get more.  Some of us have tried ways offered by spiritual teachers to use spiritual techniques to get more.  My suggestion is to relax, meditate, and allow what you need more of to come to you.  Using the Laws of Vibration and Sharing.

How do these ideas strike you?  What have you used that works?  Please comment below.

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