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Chapter 2.  Quickies: Six Second Meditations, from Six Second Mindfulness Meditations Book 3

Now for the good stuff.  These quick, Five Second Meditations (FSMs) can you put directly into a state of Higher Consciousness (I hope you are beginning to see that Higher Consciousness is nothing mysterious.  It’s available at any moment you turn to it and FSMs are great ways to do that.)

Try them. Day to day, moment to moment, these techniques can be used almost anytime, anywhere, under any circumstance without bothering others but greatly benefitting you.

Each time you go Within and use a FSM your vibration takes jump, you “vibe up” at least for a moment, and shift your Awareness.  Over time these jumps contribute to permanent, small, incremental internal personal changes.

Browse through these offerings and make notes of a few you want to try right away. Others you may want to save for later.  Some won’t suit you.   In any case, you won’t be able to do them all at the same time.  That would be too much, too soon—information overload.  Experiment.  Find out what works for you.  Keep in mind that something that seems helpful today may fade in its efficacy over time—you may successfully incorporate the learning and need something new.  One approach may get boring, and need to be replaced with another.

There is a variety here to keep you busy for quite some time.  Many of you, however, will become creative and develop your own techniques to remind yourself to remember to stay Awake.  If you do please share them with the rest of the community at our forum on our website.

For ease of use I have put them into five groups:  Sacred Breathing, Sacred Senses, mantras (word triggers), mudras (hand gestures) and “others”.

Sacred Breathing

My favorite 6 second meditation is Sacred Breathing.  It takes very little time for you to pause and take a breath that has a particular purpose determined by your intent of the user.   Sacred Breaths are certainly a way to raise your consciousness, the vibration of your Being, and they are a key component of the HCM Process described in the Higher Consciousness Meditation book.  In summary, a Sacred Breath is taken by breathing Spirit into your consciousness, pausing for a moment to let Spirit pool up and then letting the breath flow out into your world.  Doing so enlivens yourself and the world around you.

Part of the value of Sacred Breathing is that it is a tool to be used over and over again to soothe the ego/mind and help it get comfortable with a new normal of Spirit/Mind being in charge and your system operating at a higher level of vibration.  I remember when this higher level was new to me, intriguing and a bit scary to my mind as I observed my mind’s reaction to the new kid on the block.  I liken this to our 8-year-old cat’s reaction to the new kitten that recently appeared in our lives.  Annie acted intimidated and intimidating with 5-week-old Cleo.   She did not like the change and acted very territorial with the little one:  hissing and growling and puffing up.

There is no justification for this except that it is Annie’s natural reaction to change, much like our human mind when something new is introduced into its system.  Slowly Annie is learning that there is no threat, that this new creature is harmless.  Perhaps, as Lynne speculates, on some level she knows that this is a baby feline, worthy of mothering.  I think Annie will get used to the little one and, one of these days, when we go on a 3 day trip and leave the two of them together, she will have company and not miss us as much.  At least that’s our current thinking.  If, in the end, Annie is unable to accept the new addition, we will have to find her another home and Annie will miss her opportunity.  (Note:  Annie adopted Cleo.)

Sacred Breathing is one of the most powerful tools you have, if you learn how to use it properly.  Here are some of the ways:

  • As a quick trigger to raise your vibration any time you use it. Start by saying to yourself “I take a Higher Consciousness Breath,” and take a long, slow breath with Higher Consciousness in mind.  This will immediately put you into a different state of mind.  It can be used anytime, anywhere.    Nobody else needs to know.  I have used this exercise in many different situations.  For example, I will take a Sacred Breath just before doing just about any task: starting a meeting, beginning a difficult conversation, serving a tennis ball.  It enriches the moment and puts me into a better frame of mind to accomplish the task.
  • As a consciousness shifter while doing a repetitious, frightening or physical task: when digging a ditch, having your teeth drilled, or cooking. I think my fish always tastes better and has more love cooked into it when I practice Sacred Breathing.
  • Subconscious mind breathing
    • We each have a subconscious mind (check). This concept of was originally developed and popularized by Sigmund Freud.  Since its introduction, empirical evidence suggests that subconscious mind phenomena include repressed feelings, automatic skills, subliminal perceptions, thoughts, habits, automatic reactions, and, possibly, complexes, hidden phobias and desires, and repressed memories of painful incidents.
  • I have found it helpful to breathe into that part of myself when it is activated or active in my behavior. Recently, for example, I woke up with a feeling in the pit of my stomach.    I didn’t recognize it at first, thinking it might be indigestion (which I never get).  I spent 15 minutes in bed working on dissolving the fear, reaching for some good feelings, using my meditation techniques.  Nothing much worked.

I got up, did my usual yoga routine, and spent about twenty minutes in an intense meditation–really Breathing into the pit of my stomach.  The fear began to subside and the “aha” moment came.   I had gone to bed without meditating the night before, and after listening to a webinar that ended with the usual “scarcity” scenario; “If you don’t buy this product before midnight you will lose out”.  I wasn’t even that interested in the product, a software solution to a problem I didn’t have.   My subconscious mind, however, had been hooked by the message.

A few more Sacred Breaths and my consciousness began to move in the direction of Awareness and my vibration rate rose.  The fear subsided and was replaced by an eagerness for the day, by a sense of feeling good, by a feeling of lightness.  It was with this that I was able to begin the day, which was much fun.  Lynne and I went shopping and found some great plants for the yard.  I worked in my office for a while and some pieces of a project fell into place.  All in all it was a good day.

As I write this I’m reminded to avoid watching scary movies, or anything else that is fear-based before I go to bed—they lodge in my subconscious mind and my dreams are often troubled when I do.

  • Lynne pointed out to me that I was speaking to another person in our Tai Chi class in the same overbearing way my father used to use. It never worked for him very well, but I think I learned it from him and it sometimes comes out in inappropriate ways.  That evening I spent a while breathing in a sacred way into that part of me where the behavior was lodged, and I have been able to catch myself several times recently before repeating that undesirable behavior.
  • One morning, in meditation, I was inspired. “Breathe me”, I said to HiC.  “Breathe me and through me.  Breathe me and be me.  Fill my very lungs with Spirit.”  I felt the intake of Spirit and the exhale of Spirit, into my world and into Eternity.  I thought, “All I have to do is do this and I am filled with Light.”  It was this incident that led me to include Sacred Breathing as a key part of Higher Consciousness Meditation.

Here are a number of uses that can be made of Sacred Breathing.  The technique can be coupled with the mantras, sacred words and phrases, mentioned in the next section.  When taking a Sacred Breath, pause for a moment and listen to see if your Soul has anything to add to the silence and the vibrational upsurge.

  • A Higher Consciousness Breath will take you right into a higher state of Awareness.
  • A Soul Breath will take you to that individualized state of Higher Consciousness with which you can have a very intimate relationship. My HiC is always awaiting my turning to It.
  • An Om Breath. The word “Om” is said in Hinduism to be the sound of the vibration of the universe.  Breathe in, and say or intone “Om” on your exhale, drawing it out as long as possible.
  • A Go Within Breath shifts your awareness from your ego/mind to your Spirit/Mind.
  • A (Love, Joy, Peace, xxx) Breath puts you into attunement with that divine quality which you are wanting/needing to experience at a particular moment.
  • A Hug Breath is great for experiencing the higher nature of a significant other or child, and establishes Soul contact in a flash.
  • A Creative Breath will tap into your creativity and can tap into that Higher Consciousness part of yourself from which great thoughts and ideas flow.
  • A Transformation Breath can be used to alter your perception of a situation or to transform a situation itself.
  • A Knowledge Breath will, as with the Creative Breath, tap you into the Source of all knowledge, as well as help you remember something you have forgotten.
  • An Appreciation Breath can be used to internally express gratitude for anything from a beautiful sunset to Life itself.
  • A Tiger Breath can put you in touch with your place of Courage and Bravery. I take one of these before the chiropractor cracks my neck or the dentist begins his drilling, before making a difficult phone call or beginning a difficult conversation, when waking up in the middle of the night agitated about something, when going out on stage.
  • Healing Breath. This one has lots of uses:  when getting unfavorable health news for yourself or others, when hurting yourself, when waking up to the flu or feeling nauseous, when taking medication or beginning a health procedure, when “bad things” happening in your presence, when emotionally upsetting situations occur to you or others.
  • Compassion Breath. As Gautama Buddha said (paraphrasing) this is a painful world, this 3d reality.  A Compassion Breath for individuals or groups who are experiencing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain can help you, them and all of us.  Including being compassionate with yourself.
  • Disagreement Breath. Disagreements and upsets with others can be very difficult to deal with.  When one of the parties, however, takes responsibility for handling a situation with a heightened form or awareness, it is possible for these types of tugs and pulls to be lessened, alleviated or an agreement to disagree established.
  • Karma Breath. Mistakes, misjudgments, hurtful things that we think, say or do to ourselves and to/about others create karma for yourself and with others.  Why not use a Karma Breath to adjust what will otherwise be a backlash upon you as a result?
  • Use a Forgiveness Breath to forgive everyone and everything involved in any unconscious behavior that has occurred. Use the Breath to dissolve the effects of an action so that it is as if it never occurred.  And take action to right the wrong if possible.
  • Action or Performance Breath. Take an Action Breath before or during the planning or execution of any action you want to bring Higher Consciousness to (most things, after all):  driving in heavy traffic, athletic activities, brushing your teeth, serving customers, working with colleagues, mowing the grass, bathing the baby, and countless others.
  • Food Breath. Similar to the Action Breath this is done in the planning, cooking and serving process.  It will not only improve the quality of the food but cook love and awareness into your sustenance.
  • Eating Breath. Food is meant to be enjoyed, appreciated and well digested.  Being conscious of your breath, eating slowly and thoroughly, savoring the food, appreciating the chain of “suppliers” who produced the food including the animals and plants who have given their lives for you and all of the people who participated in its delivery will enliven your life and make for good digestion, as well.
  • Plant/Animal/Thing Breath. All things have vibration.  This Breath enables you to see the Life Force in them, even rocks.  Relationship, appreciation and compassion for them can thereby be established.  I use this when I escort spiders from the house.
  • World Breath. Our world is rife with problems, difficulties, atrocities, unconsciousness and sad events.  Take a Breath or two for this world and its inhabitants each day to lighten the load.  Perhaps while you watch or listen to the news.
  • A Sacred Breath can be used for anything, including things not covered by this partial list.

Sacred Breathing is a lovely way to live.  It enlivens you and the world around you.  It can transform the difficulty of living on Planet Earth, including the twists and turns of your own internal makeup and circumstances.  You just have to remember to use the tool.

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