Have a Christ Consciousness Christmas.  How.  Why.

Have a Christ Consciousness Christmas. How. Why.

Each year we all have an opportunity to have a Christ Consciousness Christmas. Unfortunately, few take advantage of this opportunity. The cultural tinsel and hoopla often drown out the opportunity at this time of year to remember what Jesus became famous...
The Key to Experiencing Abundance

The Key to Experiencing Abundance

Much has been said and written about experiencing abundance.  It turns out the Law of Attraction is the key to experiencing abundance as I discuss in-depth in my new book, The Manifestation Book.  Today’s post is about the Law of Attraction.  What it is and why...

Vibration and Attraction Book

The Manifestation Book (#4 in Higher Consciousness Meditation Series) You were   meant to live  an abundant   life.   A life full of love, joy, peace, health, resources and personal fulfillment. Yet, we were all born onto a planet that is not easy to negotiate. A...

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