Have a Christ Consciousness Christmas.  How.  Why.

Have a Christ Consciousness Christmas. How. Why.

Each year we all have an opportunity to have a Christ Consciousness Christmas. Unfortunately, few take advantage of this opportunity. The cultural tinsel and hoopla often drown out the opportunity at this time of year to remember what Jesus became famous...
Give Thanks and Improve Your Life.  8 Ways.

Give Thanks and Improve Your Life. 8 Ways.

“Give thanks and improve your life” is a phrase used to describe the value of gratitude and appreciation. To shape a better life and as a part of a process for creating abundance. “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It...

The Greatest Accomplishment a Human Can Reach.

What do you think is the greatest accomplishment a human can reach? The Nobel Prize? President of the United States? The most followers on Facebook? Nope. The greatest accomplishment any human can achieve in this life on Earth, or on any life on Earth, is the...
What Does Meditation Mean?

What Does Meditation Mean?

Meditation fundamentally means pulling back from the world a bit and going inside to gain a larger perspective on our world.  To disconnect a bit from the ego/mind part of our brains which is constantly chattering on about what’s going on in front of us and what...

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