Meditation Matters: How Much Meditation Before I Achieve Peace?

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One of the questions I get is “How much meditation do I need to do before I gain a sense of peace”.  And “How much longer will it take before I achieve Enlightenment?”.  Two different and difficult questions because the answer is “It depends”.  It depends on many things.  Fortunately, these “things” are up to us and within the scope of our control.  Let’s take a look and examine the variables and tools for achievement. 

Factors At Play 

Our human makeup, individually, has taken a long time to construct.  If you are 45 years old it has taken 45 years of human conditioning   to construct the beliefs, synapses, muscle memory, behavior patterns, internal psychology, and traumas to get where we are. This conditioning is insidious and all pervasive.  Few of us are exposed to much in the way of alternative thinking or training about that challenges the cradle to grave indoctrination of what it means to be human.  Indoctrination that says this is a dog-eat-dog world, full of danger, and with many reasons to be fearful and self-protective.  This results in a life of “suffering” as Buddha once said.  Mental, emotional, physical, psychic and spiritual pain. 

The conclusion I have come to, alternatively, after many years of meditation, is that “yes” we are human beings, but we are also Eternal Beings.  Eternal Beings living in a limited, biomechanical vehicle.  And that if we can come to know that fact, really know it in a visceral, practical, daily, in a moment-by-moment way that we can depend on, that this life of pain and suffering can become one of ease and peace.  And maybe even Illumination. 

When one sets off on the spiritual path to grow in consciousness and evolve into balance and cooperation with our Higher Selves, our Higher Consciousness, it can take years, many years to get “there”.  The buildup of the crust of humanhood has taken many years, lifetimes to develop.   It is the unusual person who can and will transform so dramatically that their vibration, or consciousness, increases sufficiently as to come into union with their Higher Selves and be less entranced by their lower or human selves. 

Sudden Enlightenment is Possible 

Zen Buddhism is full of stories of those who suddenly became enlightened one day when the conditions were right, and the right spiritual puzzle with which they were presented by their teacher unlocked the door of their consciousness.  Often though, it was the spiritual work they had been doing for many years that had finally, suddenly come together in a flash of insight and transformation.  Most had been   frustrated over and over by their inability to wake up to what their Teacher was trying to say. 

But Not Likely 

Each of us has a vibration that is our particular makeup from complicated forces from our past, our conclusions, our present circumstances.  We have created our own reality, which exactly mirrors our vibration.  Changing that vibration sufficiently such that a disease is addressed, a lack of abundance disappears, or a wonderful relationship comes into view requires as significant change in inner vibration for significant outer change to occur.   Most humans do not change very quickly. 

Nevertheless, we do change as do our circumstances over time.  Just look back at your life 5 years ago and you will see a significant change.  Look back 10 years ago and the change is much more significant.  That was a result of many moment-by-moment thoughts, situations, people, and circumstances coming and going.  Yes, change is slow, but change happens. 

Accelerating Change 

Change can be accelerated in a number of ways that we have under our control.  To heal from emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual circumstances happens excruciatingly slowly if one allows oneself to be swept along by time and more quickly if one sets out to guide oneself diligently and intelligently In the direction one wants to go. And most quickly, if most rapid healing and personal illumination are the goal and if one uses skillful means, like meditation and an aspiration for Higher Consciousness.  This is, in my experience, the fastest way to gain personal freedom from limitations our human makeup has created.  

Any spiritual path that is diligently pursued and one that works for you is the right one.  However, some are more helpful others.  Dogmatic religious paths, from my observation, are the slowest because they are based on human belief systems and thought forms that are more likely to slow you down rather than speed you up. 

The methods that will work best are those that acquaint you with your Higher Consciousness and those that encourage the movement of Spirit in your day-to-day existence.  Ones where the outcome is Awakening to your Eternal Self.  Your Higher Self distinct from your human personality. 

Higher Consciousness Meditation 

This is why I created my Higher Consciousness Meditation process.  To enable to first, myself, and then others, to make Soul contact.  To get to know your Higher Self as an immediate, tangible experience.  It bypasses the traditional meditation mind training and goes right to the heart of the matter.  A sense of Illumination begins to occur.  This is Consciousness training.  A vibrational experience of Higher Consciousness that is unmistakable and clear.  Leading to a sense of peace, happiness, and well-being.  And confidence that you are on the right path. 

My two companion books The Meditation Book (formerly Higher Consciousness Meditation) and Six Second Mindfulness Meditations will be your guide. But this path is not for everyone.  It will not resonate with everyone.   

How Long Depends On You 

Eventually there must come dawning that you are in a “no win” box of human beingness.  When the strength of desire to get free from suffering and when you use your inner intelligence to choose a path that works for you becomes a strong inner drive.  That, and with the consistent application of the tools your path offers, one day, assuredly, the breakthrough will come.  Be aware that the breakthrough is usually followed by a time of going back and forth between the two worlds of human and divine. Soon enough the consistent hum of vibration that is the sign of a human being transformed into a Spirit driven Being will set in. 

Choose. Then Go to Work. 

Choose your path wisely.  Work at it.  Let it work on you.  That’s how long.  You will have early successes.  Some things may be harder to “break open” than others.  But what else have you got to do?  Today’s undertaking may result in next weeks’ or next year’s or next lifetimes enlightenment and total escape of the gravity of the human condition. 

A few of you may read this message and be suddenly catapult into a full Awakening. If so, you will do so not because of the strength of this message, but because you have been preparing for a long time for this moment of destiny.  Most will not, however, because that is not how humans change and grow and evolve. 

Others of you don’t have far to go before the moment of transformation occurs.  For some this message is worthless.  It has no meaning and does not compute.  It’s not the right time.  If the message does resonate, however, give it a go. Be willing to change when the path gets stale.  Be creative. 


Develop your own path (you will anyway–you have to).  One day you will make Soul contact and you, and your Higher Consciousness as your guide, will forge your own path, suited exactly to you.  And you will create your own Higher Reality just as it should be, just as Spirit intends.



Check out my books on Amazon, my Daily Vibe on Facebook and Instagram, my website.  There are some great tools to use to get started or to accelerate your current spiritual practices.  


 What do you think?  How do you like this approach to doing healing work outside of your family?  Are you interested in trying it out?   Leave your comments below.  


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