The Greatest Accomplishment a Human Can Reach.

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What do you think is the greatest accomplishment a human can reach? The Nobel Prize? President of the United States? The most followers on Facebook? Nope. The greatest accomplishment any human can achieve in this life on Earth, or on any life on Earth, is the realization of Christ Consciousness.

Before you stop reading, thinking me a religious fanatic, give a listen. Who are among the most revered of all humans throughout history? Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Franklin Roosevelt, Elvis,, Einstein, Nelson Mandela? Not by a long shot (except for the last two).

Among the most revered are the following: Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, Moses and others. The common theme of their existence? The realization of Christ Consciousness which inspired them to know and do the phenomenal things they did, and to teach what they knew to their immediate followers. This message, because of its revolutionary nature, spread their words around the world and down through history.

And yet little is REALLY understood about what they were saying. Religions have grown up around them with no real comprehension of the core of their teachings. Religious misunderstandings then get turned into dogma and the essence of their messages is lost in the need to put them on a pedestal and declare them the only true Son of God and to put their achievements out of the reach of the average person.

What they all had to say, really, was quite simple. “I have had an experience of Higher Consciousness and see the world from a different perspective than I was taught. I have learned that this world, really is a world of Spirit/God, and that I am one with that Spirit/God. All of you (my followers) are also one with Spirit/God. Use my life to inspire you to learn this for yourself.”

What Is Christ Consciousness?

When I grew up in the Lutheran Church in North Carolina I thought Jesus’ last name was Christ. It was “Jesus Christ” this and” Jesus Christ” that. It was only later that I came to understand that “Christ” is a term of reverence that applied to Jesus because of the elevated state of awareness that he achieved in his lifetime. A term that applied to all of our Master Teachers who achieved a state of Enlightenment or Illumination. A state that transcended human consciousness and moved up into the realm of Spirit Consciousness. Homo Spiritus. They had an Awareness of the Allness of the Universe and their Oneness with it.

Here are other terms that have been applied to our Master Teachers::

  • “Anointed one”. Meaning one who had been anointed by Spirit to be who they became. Anointed by whom? Holy Spirit, God, Allah? No. By their understanding they were surrounded by an aura of awareness that caused people that came in contact with them to be healed by being in their very presence.
  • “Buddha”. “Buddha”, like “Christ” or “Krishna” is a term of reverence for the person so named. There are said to have been 27 “Buddhas” prior to the man commonly known as Buddha. Gautama Buddha. Each previous Buddha had similarly achieved a sustained, elevated state of consciousness.
  • “The Only Son of God”. Hardly. In truth.  We are all Sons and Daughters of God. We are all Spirit Beings who have slipped into an amazingly complex biomechanical vehicle for our adventure on Earth. We become Sons and Daughters when we, like our Master Teachers, elevate our awareness into a heightened state, if only for a moment.
  • “The Enlightened One”. Illumined. Sufficiently developed in their consciousness that Spirit, which lies with each of us, radiated from them almost like a bright light.

It’s ironic, therefore, that we have turned our Teachers into unreachable beings who must be worshipped and glorified. Our Teachers didn’t want to be worshipped and glorified. Rather they wanted their message to be an encouragement for us to follow in their footsteps, and become Christs, also.

Listen to them (things they said):

  • Mohammed said “Thou art a mortal being, And thou art the Eternal One; Know thyself, through the light of wisdom. Except Thee there exists none.”
  • The Hindu guru Ramana, The ordinary man lives in the brain unaware of himself in the Heart. The enlightened one lives in the Heart. When he moves about and deals with people and things, he knows that what he sees is not separate from the one Supreme Reality which he realized in the Heart as his own Self.
  • Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God/Spirit is within you” and “My Father and I are One.”
  • Carl Jung said it this way, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Even now these sayings sound revolutionary. Yet don’t they sound reachable? Don’t they sound like encouragement to go and do likewise? Not impossible aspirations, really. Yet sufficiently worthy of being said to be “The Greatest Accomplishment a Human Can Achieve” of those who are able to follow a path to reach a similar place in consciousness.

How? Now That’s the $24,000 question, Isn’t It? Here are Five Avenues

  • Meditation, individually and in groups with a system that can take you there. The Higher Consciousness Meditation, the Tool for Transformation that I developed, is specifically designed for a person to get in touch with her/his own Christ Consciousness. This brief but very powerful meditation process is described in detail in The Meditation Book I wrote in 2018.
  • Service to others, if done well, can lead to transcendence. I once asked a monk if he is able to see the “Buddha Mind” in the homeless people in the Tenderloin of San Francisco he works with. He said “no”. Pity. That was the gift that Mother Theresa had. The ability to see the Christ in the face of those she helped to live and die in the slums of Calcutta. Seeing the Higher Consciousness in others indicates a Higher Consciousness in the one who is able to see that. Service can be a vehicle.
  • Seeing the Higher Consciousness in our children. We all have that ability because we are Eternal Beings from the time we dive into the body we elect to inhabit on Planet Earth. This is most obvious to the blessed mothers and fathers who can “see” their children this way. But this ability, this “sense”, must be cultivated. Remembered in the hectic day to day of trying to guide a child toward adulthood.
  • An attitude of appreciation. The ability to see Spirit in all things and have gratitude for them. This is another skill that has to be cultivated, or for the fortunate, that just “flashes” upon us in a moment of Amazing Grace. That fortunate one, however, has to be open-hearted enough for the flash to occur. It’s not for the self-absorbed and the spiritually blind. Seeing with Sacred Eyes is a prerequisite. Being grateful for the smallest of things, an experienced experience.
  • And last, and most importantly, become a quiet, peaceful Observer of the human scene as it passes before you, its good as well as its evil. Realizing that it is The ALL, God, unfolding and unfolding in the direction of growth, expansion and evolution in just the way that it should. And Bless it. This is mindfulness (see The Mindfulness Book for additional explanation).


My challenge to you is to take these words to heart and accept the challenge to engage with, to undertake this “Greatest Accomplishment”. Anyone can do it without fanfare because we all have a “Kingdom of Heaven Within” and the ability to touch the hem of Spirit sufficiently to reach the State of Beingness called “Illumination”. Illumination is reachable by anyone who seeks for it. Who opens herself/himself to the experience.

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