How’s Your New Year Going? Ways to Make It Better

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How is your new year going?  Two+ weeks into the new year, are you keeping up with your resolutions?  Have you taken the inspiration of New Year’s Eve and leaped forward in meeting your goals and aspirations?  Is your life better today than it was yesterday and last week?

Most of us will say that our New Year’s resolutions are already starting to wear out.  Many will admit that the revelry of New Year’s Eve has not produced change.  How to make life better today than it was last week or last year remains a mystery.

And the reason is that our attention has been placed on the wrong things to make improvements.  Going to the gym more.  Eating better.  Saving more money.  Starting a business.  Being kinder to our friends, neighbors, and relatives.  The outer things of this world.  When the surest way to change and grow and improve comes by placing our attention on our inner world.  The world of Spirit which lies within and is the greatest source of change and even transformation available to us.

Awake and Remember

Awake each day and remember where the life force comes from that animates your body and your mind.  Thank The ALL, God if you will, for the opportunity to have another beautiful day on Planet Earth.  To live a life surrounded by the beauties of sunshine, greenery, blue sky, and fellow creatures, two-legged, four-legged, and winged.  Acknowledgment of your mere existence and its amazing benefits will set you up for a good day.

In doing so you are more likely to attract good things, people and circumstances to you this day.  Why?  Because when you are operating from a higher vibrational frequency you are more likely to attract higher vibrational outcomes.  You are setting yourself up to move through the world more freely, effortlessly, and happily.

Move Around and Be Grateful

Take a few moments to be grateful for your home, for your companions, for the food you are about to eat, for the supply chain that made available all of the things which surround you, for the work you are about to embark on, and more.

Gratitude is one of the most elevated emotions we have the opportunity to experience in life.  Especially if the gratitude is offered from your Soul, your Spirit Within, on which your whole life depends.  It is your Soul, Spirit, that animates your body and your mind.  If you doubt this just reflect on what the difference is between an alive body and a dead one.  When the life force, which is Spirit, leaves the live body, the physical body collapses and returns to dust.  Therefore, it behooves us to pay attention to this Spirit and to make Soul contact to have a better day, a better year, a better life.

Meditate a Bit

Take a few moments during the first hour of your arising (and just before you go to bed) to sit and meditate.  To put the thoughts and concerns aside and allow yourself to just Be.  To relax and abide in your Self, enjoying the experience.

Don’t know how to meditate?  There are many systems for learning to meditate.  Try some out.  I have to say that my Higher Consciousness Meditation (HCM) technique is one of the best and quickest ways to learn (pick up The Meditation Book available at Amazon and get started).   HCM is also helpful for those who have tried to meditate and have trouble with the “mind training” approach that most meditation systems use.

These moments in meditation can be the best moments of your day.  Relaxing into your Higher Consciousness is energizing and freeing.  It soothes the mind and heals the body.   What could be better?

Try a Mindfulness Exercise or Two

Use one or two mindfulness exercises throughout the day to remind yourself to withdraw your attention from your oh so compelling daily activities and drop down into your heart center for refreshment.  A simple, “peace be still” can shift your consciousness into a place of Peace.  “I am an Eternal Being” can remind you of who you are, really, in addition to your role as a human being.  (Find a number of additional mindfulness exercises in my book The Mindfulness Book.)

Mindfulness techniques are intended to lift you out of the constant stream of thoughts our human biocomputer subjects us to and, as is said, puts you “in the moment”, into present time (which is all there really is, after all.)  To Be.  Here.  Now.  If only for a moment.

Offer Everyone You Meet Your Recognition of Who They Are

“Seeing” each person you encounter during the day the recognition that you recognize their Eternal Beingness will alter your view of them and their reaction to you.  Acknowledging this fact is one of the most important gifts you can give to another person.

The Australians greet each other with a hearty “g’day, mate” when they encounter (and also when they depart from) people they meet.  The spiritual ones of India greet each other with “Namaste”, meaning “the Higher Consciousness in me acknowledges the Higher Consciousness in you”.  While saying “Namaste” out loud to your boss might not be understood or appreciated, saying it in your mind is almost as good.  And may, over time, bear fruit.


Try one or more of these techniques to make your New Year better.  The focusing within that will occur will cause you to grow and evolve spiritually.  And perhaps transform your life.  In addition, the world outside of you responds and acknowledges your growth.  Your life and your World will get better.  This is the promise of all of our Master Teachers throughout human history.

Blair Abee is an author, poet, YouTuber, and ordinary mystic. His 5 award-winning books are available at Amazon Books, and his YouTube videos at Blair Abee Higher Consciousness.  And pick up a free book and a free meditation bracelet at his website home page:

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