I Offer a Healing Meditation for Hawaii

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Fire In Hawaii

Fire In Hawaii


I Was Moved to Do a Healing Meditation for Hawaii

Very early a few mornings ago I woke up in a sweat, finding myself thinking about Hawaii. I must have been dreaming about it.

Ever since I took a deep dive into my meditation practice 5 years ago and began writing about my experiences, I have worked to develop a healing meditation technique that I think might be helpful in times like this. Or when somebody I know might be in distress. Or when my dog is sick.

Sometimes this is the only thing I can do to contribute to improving a situation I find myself in. A healing meditation. Doing something to contribute to moving things in a desirable direction, even if only an inch. I don’t have miraculous healing powers by any means. But that is not the point. I am convinced that if I can lift myself into a higher state of awareness, Higher Consciousness. Where my Soul awaits my arrival at all times so that Spirit may begin to flow in a way that might be beneficial to the situation.

As a result, I think I have refined a technique that satisfies me in my quest for a process that will satisfy my urge to offer healing that might be helpful.

The Higher Consciousness Healing Process Applied to Hawaii

This is the meditation I did for Maui, Hawaii. These are the ideas and words I used. (See more about this process in my book The Meditation Book.)

“I invite all who are suffering from the fires on the island, especially those in Lahaina, to come into my Holy of Holies for a healing meditation. In particular, those who have lost everything, those who are injured, those who are first responders and doing the work to find missing people in the rubble, those who have lost loved ones, those who have passed over to the Other Side, and all those traumatized by this event.

I also invite all Master Teachers and guides, planetary guardians, guardians of the islands, kahuna spiritual teachers, nature spirits of all types, Other Side helpers who will work with the recently departed, spirit beings attracted to this activity, and any and all who want to take part in this healing.

We are all involved in a transformation on Planet Earth caused by climate change. Climate extremes and tragedies are increasing and will probably continue to increase for the next 50 years until we change our ways. It’s a wake-up call, and the message is ‘Grow up humanity’. Wake up to our common plight and wake up to our need to evolve beyond ‘homo erectus’ to’ homo spiritus’.

I wish to acknowledge that each person involved in this activity is an Eternal Being. Some are living human beings, some are not, but all are Eternal Beings. Those of us who occupy 3-dimensional vehicles on Planet Earth are susceptible to accidents, disasters, and tragedies. It’s the nature of our 3-dimensional existence.

When difficulties arise, we ask “Why?” The reasons are many and complicated. A key reason is that we don’t even know about or take advantage of the protection that comes from knowing our Eternal Beingness. Peace and protection come from abiding in the “Secret Place of the Most High”.

Then there is karma, to which we are all susceptible.

And simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time and not recognizing the signs.

To Those…….

To those who have transitioned to the Other Side, I know that this is a confusing time. You are between two worlds, the human and the spiritual. You, we, are all very attached to human existence. However, you are now uniting with your Soul and there are those who will usher you on. Offering you the exact healing activity you need to move on to your next adventure.

To those left behind, remember that your loved one has not died. But instead has transitioned over to the Other Side, where she or he is being comforted, cared for, and escorted on to their next step. Your job is to heal yourself emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Seek contact with your Soul, your Higher Self, for thereon lies the quickest recovery.

The same for those injured by the fire. Yours is a different pain, but the remedy is the same. Seek and find an opportunity to grow and evolve from this incident. Seek spiritual means to heal and recover. Do not allow yourself to descend permanently into darkness and despair. You are meant to grow and evolve in this lifetime, no matter what the circumstances.

First responders and those involved in searching, cleaning up, and recovery, we all thank you for your service. The things you have witnessed and taken part in are awful in 3-dimensional reality. They are hard to process. Seek your healing in whatever manner you can, from therapy to spiritual growth.

And to those whose reaction to the fires and suffering in Hawaii is one of compassion and concern, thank you for the attention you have paid to the events there.

To everyone, know that you individually and collectively can and do impact the unfolding of The ALL. Know that despite the powerlessness that you sometimes feel, this healing activity reverberates through all of Eternity. Know that whatever your station, the Universe depends on your participation in Its affairs.

Even though you may not be able to impact much of the 3-dimensional world around you, you can impact the Present and the Future with your magnificence. Know that you matter, especially when you stand in your power and allow Spirit to flow through you and out into your world. We are all One and the suffering of one of us affects all of Us.

Lastly, to those in the Spirit World, Souls, guides, and guardians, and those of the Universal Hierarchy, we thank you for your attention and protection. We are mere mortals who are simultaneously Eternal Beings living on a Planet that causes us difficulties.

The Healing

I ask us all to put fear and concern for the human beings involved aside for the moment. Let us focus on our 5-Dimensional forms, our Eternal Beingness, for the rest of this healing. And let us include the Eternal Beingness of all those involved in this activity.

Start by taking a deep breath. In…..Out. And another. In…..Out…….. And then say, inwardly or out loud, “Peace be Still”. Say it again slowly “Peace….. Be…….Stilness”. (Saying it out loud amplifies the vibratory benefit, by the way). Then take a deep breath and say “OM” three times, extending the saying of the word for as long as is comfortable. (“Om” is said to be the sound of the Universe).

Now let’s pause and let the sound reverberate throughout the Universe.

Elevate, Illuminate, Radiate

Next, I have three words I want us to use to help us heal at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Ask your Higher Self, your Higher Consciousness, to join you in this activity. Invite your guardians and spiritual teachers of whatever type to take part. Invite Mother Earth, Mother Ocean, and Mother Nature to take part. Ask The ALL to participate.

Say to yourself the word, “Elevate”. And then again. Experience the experience of Elevating your Consciousness and your Beingness. Experience your Consciousness expanding. You may feel a sense of Omnipresence in the doing of this. Then say “Illuminate”. And then again. Experience the experience of Illumination, your true, natural state. Open to its vibration. Let it flame up in your being. Allow the Light to be turned on. Lastly, say to yourself, “Radiate”. And again. Radiate the Illumined and Elevated states you have reached out to all in this Holy of Holies exercise.

Breathe deeply. Three times. Say “Om” three times, extending the sound. Now let us be silent for a minute to experience the upliftment and healing of the moment. Allow healing to occur at whatever level is appropriate for you. Your Higher Consciousness knows what you need. And you have radiated your healing to others, which has amplified the benefit. Have no expectations. Give thanks for whatever healing has occurred. Humanity has been greatly healed. The ALL has been healed greatly. The ALL will unfold differently than it might have because of your participation.

Pause and savor the elevation of your consciousness. The melding of your awareness with all who have taken part.


‘Thank you’ to each of you for your participation. Leave this place uplifted and transformed. In the days ahead remember your part in healing the rest of us and of yourself. Allow Spirit Within to guide you and bless you. Your Eternal Beingness has contributed greatly to your evolution and to the evolution of The ALL.

Let’s do one final “Om”, extending it out as far as is comfortable.

Thank you. Namaste. The Holy of Holies is available to you any time you go into your own Holy of Holies for healing for yourself and others. Anytime, anywhere you choose. Blessed be.”


Doubt not your power or your worth to The ALL. Use your Holy of Holies anytime you are drawn to do so, to heal your relationship with one or many. To heal yourself. Ask your Soul for the best possible outcome as relates to any concern you have and turn that concern over to Spirit. Trust your Higher Self to know and do what needs to be done. Avoid prescribing outcomes. You may have your preferences but, “Thy will be done”. Spirit may have something different in mind. Better. More suitable. Leave the door open for Spirit to move through you. (See more about this Best Possible Outcomes Process in my book, The Manifestation Book)

And so it is.

Blair Abee is an author, poet, YouTuber, and ordinary mystic. His 5 award-winning books are available at Amazon Books, and his YouTube videos at the Blair Abee Higher Consciousness Channel.

Lastly, to get a copy of Blair’s newest work go get a copy of The Meditation Workbook at this link:  LINK TO WORKBOOK

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