5 Meditation Principles for Health and Wellness

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Man in Healing Meditation Pose

Here are  5 meditation principles for health and wellness for you to consider. Scientific research shows, in study after study, that meditation aids in health and well-being. From heart disease to stress, meditation works for healing. In fact, more than 3000 studies on different human conditions prove it. The proof is irrefutable, as Jon Kabat-Zinn’s groundbreaking research into the subject has shown.

“Why is This?” I asked myself.  “Why does meditation work the way it does for health and wellness?” I thought that if I could get close to the kernel of truth, to discern the principles behind meditation’s efficacy, we could all have principles that we can apply to nearly any troublesome situation. Whether it be health, wealth, better performance, or any other issue that comes along in our lives.

Meditation Interrupts the Momentum of a Problem

First, meditation works because it interrupts the momentum built up within our biomechanical body/mind/personality in the direction of some problem. The problem that we have begins for some reason. Who knows–genetic, environmental, karma, a dysfunctional childhood and the pain associated thereto, whatever?

While the cause within 3-dimensional reality can be hard to pinpoint, problems or conditions do occur, possibly involving multiple swirling causes. And when a condition starts it begins to loop. The problem gets bigger, causes the causes to amplify, and the problem feeds on itself. A loop begins to occur, kind of like when I say to Alexa on my Amazon device about a song I am listening to, “Alexa, loop it”, and the song plays over and over.

And Interrupts the “Loop Effect”

Second. Meditation is therapeutic because it interrupts the momentum. Sitting in silence and withdrawing attention from a condition interrupts the influence of the condition. If only for a moment. The condition goes into abeyance. If for only a moment. Stay with it and the condition begins to dissolve in intensity and importance. It might even disappear.

Meditation Reveals the Truth About the Human Conditions

Third, in that moment of silence, we begin to experience our Soul, our Higher Consciousness, our 5-Dimensional Nature. And come to realize that Spirit is the animating force in our lives In this recognition, we allow Spirit to rush into the vacuum left by the withdrawal of attention from the human condition. Spirit, rushing in, is a healing agent, going to all corners of our human condition to elevate it to Soul level. And we experience our true Eternal Beingness. If only for a moment.

Meditation Shifts Our Attention

Fourth, I can understand why certain conditions like hypertension, for example, respond to meditation. If you are hyper-tense, meditation, becoming more peaceful, would seem an obvious helpful antidote. But it does surprise me that cancer, arthritis, and even psoriasis respond positively to meditation. Deepak Chopra, founder of the Chopra Center and teacher of the ancient (Hindu) wisdom teachings, says this more elegantly and succinctly, “There is only one secret to healing and it is enlightenment” through meditation. “And realizing that you are the Universe manifesting through a human nervous system and becoming self-aware.” (Secret of Healing YouTube video, which includes a recitation of an ancient Hindu guided meditation or sutra).

Meditation Affects the Vibratory Rate of the Body

Fifth, all things are made up of energy. The chair I am sitting on may look like it is solid. However, science says that it is largely air, and some atomic particles that have been given shape by way of the maker’s intention, as Deepak Chopra has pointed out numerous times in his meditation talks. And all energy has a vibration. This vibration causes seemingly solid objects to be different from each other.

These vibratory rates are quite complicated. We may see something that is beautiful but triggers an unpleasant memory from our past. One part of our brain may be pleasantly stimulated at the same time another part of our brain experiences pain. This sets up a discordant set of vibrations that can jangle the system we call our body.

The same with stress. A little stress can be motivating and helpful. Too much stress over a long period of time can be quite damaging and cause disease. (It’s interesting the word that the word “disease” is a combination of dis and ease, dis-ease–not at ease). This unease can set up a distressed vibratory rate and cause inflammation, a burning sensation, in or one more parts of the body.

Meditation has the opposite effect on the body. It calms the system down. Lowers the vibratory rate of various body parts. Lessens inflammation and, therefore, soothes the dis-ease. Causing the body to resume its more normal vibratory rate. The natural peacefulness that we are born with returns to its physical form. The body has time to heal.

Conclusion: Meditation Has Many Amazing Benefits

As you can see, meditation has many amazing benefits as my book, The Amazing Benefits of Meditation chronicles. Recent scientific research bears out what sages have known and taught for centuries. As a result, better health, well-being, a sense of peace, and perhaps even flashes of illumination are the potential outcomes. All of which can alter a condition we may be having.

Next Steps

If this sounds good to you let me suggest a few things you can do next.

  • First, learn to meditate as mentioned above.
  • Second I have a special gift for you–a free copy of my first book.  Use this link: The Amazing Benefits of Meditation.

Let me conclude by saying Namaste. Meaning the Higher Consciousness in me acknowledges the Higher Consciousness in you.

Blessed Be.

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