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To remember yourself, who you really are, can be a difficult task.  Where do we ever hear this simple, yet profound message, “You are infinite, individual, divine consciousness”?  Not from our parents, teachers, or spiritual leaders.  Instead, we are hypnotized from birth to think that we are finite, human beings who may gain a life in heaven after a life of toil on Earth.

When’s the last time that you heard, read, or were told that “You are an Eternal Being, a spark of The ALL created during the Big Bang and will never cease to exist?”  Probably never.  But if you ever did hear such a thing you probably thought “this is preposterous” and went on about your day.  Convinced that, instead, you are the amazingly complex biomechanical vehicle that you inhabit, with the endlessly chattering onboard computer that controls your every move.

But this is what my Soul, my Higher Consciousness said to me when first had contact with It.  “You are an Eternal Being.  And I am that part of you that is Pure Consciousness, One with The ALL, and One with you.  That makes us all One and I will show you the importance of that as we develop our relationship.  Together we are an infinite, individual, divine consciousness.”

What Does This Mean?

“Infinite, individual, divine, consciousness.”  What does this mean?  First, let’s first talk about where we came from.  Our Universe, nestled within The ALL, which some call God, began its next round of existence with a Big Bang some 14 billion years ago.  After the Big Implosion from the last Big Bang.  The ALL, our Creator if you must, is Infinite, Universal, Divine Consciousness (note the difference from “infinite, individual, divine consciousness”.

The ALL is intelligent, having experimented with an infinity of options in Its unfolding and found the right formula for Its unfolding into this moment.   The formula is growth and expansion, for Itself and all of its forms.  It is omnipresent, everywhere present, still, whole, and complete.  With nothing left out because it Is everything. Isness itself.  It is omnipotent, all-powerful, because, again, it is everything evolving and growing. And omniscient, all-seeing, because it is aware of everything, being everything.  Conscious of every speck of existence.

We are individualized versions of The ALL.  One with It.  A reflection of Its Infinite, Divine Consciousness.  We Are.  Our most fundamental assurance is that we Are.  We exist.  This is the only thing that we really know for sure.  We exist In the Eternal Now.

The comings and goings of all appearances occur within the stillness of our consciousness.  Our thoughts and ruminations are mere ripples on the ocean of our awareness.  Lifetimes of existence are like the blinking of the stars.  And there is nothing to worry about, nothing to fear.  We, just like The ALL, unfold and unfold and unfold.  Just as we should.  Growing and evolving.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  All in the backdrop of the profound Isness of the Whole.  Our Divine Consciousness.  Pure Awareness.

So What?

I’ve taken you through this awareness experience to point out the bigness of who you/we are.  The profundity of our existence.  One with The ALL in our individual divine consciousness, our Soul.  That part of ourselves that is in constant contact with Spirit and. is always available to those who turn to it and allow it to flow into our daily lives.

If you are not acquainted with it, your Soul has waited since your birth for you to recognize it.  In most cases, your Soul has waited many lifetimes for you to recognize it while you are in human embodiment.  My first contact with Soul occurred 6 years ago when I was in a traumatic time of being fired for being a whistle-blower on my psychopathic boss.  I did a deep dive into my meditation practice, which I had been doing for over 40 years, and boom….there it was.  My Soul was waiting for me to open to it.  Had been for many lifetimes. And meditation was my method to contact It.

Why is this Important?

With Soul contact comes many blessings:

  • Communication with the advanced, more aware, wiser, and more powerful part of yourself.
  • Having your Soul participate in helping you create a happier, more peaceful, healthier, and more abundant life.
  • The ability to be more creative and make better decisions in your work and personal life.
  • The potential for better more rewarding relationships.
  • The option of seeing self, others, and the world more clearly with Sacred Eyes.
  • Clearing accumulated karma from this lifetime and previous ones.
  • And more

For me, Soul Contact Was a Lifesaver. 

I was floundering and unsure of my next move after a 25-year career that ended abruptly and unjustly.  Through my contact with my Higher Consciousness, I was able to reinvent myself and shift into a new career as an author of 6 books, 3 of which have hit best-seller status on Amazon.

More important, however, than the guidance I got from my Soul in transforming my life was the development of my relationship with “HiC” as I affectionately refer to my Higher Consciousness.  We commune on a daily basis.  I find I can relax into HiC’s Presence and feel safe in my world, knowing HiC will reach out before me to smooth the Path that I am on.

How to Come to Recognize Yourself as You Are

Recognition of self as eternal, individual, divine consciousness first comes with knowing that this is possible.  And secondly, here are the ways I recommend you use to take the most direct route to Higher Consciousness:

  • Learn a sit-down meditation practice that is easy, simple, and effective, and do it in the morning and the evening. I prefer my Higher Consciousness Meditation process, as outlined in my book The Meditation Book.  It’s suitable for beginners as well as expert meditators and bypasses the traditional, often laborious “mind training” that most meditation methods employ.
  • Throughout the day employ one or several “mindfulness meditation” techniques or sayings/mantras to pull yourself out of the day-to-day humdrum and put you in a Place of remembrance. Saying to yourself, “I am an Eternal Being”, for example, works fabulously well.  Throw in a moment of silence to let the power of the saying sink in.  I offer a whole list of such sayings and techniques in my book The Mindfulness Book that you can experiment with.
  • Try my Best Possible Outcomes process from The Manifestation Book to open the door for your Soul to participate in your maximal growth and evolution by attracting good people, things, and circumstances into your existence. Your Soul has your best interest at heart and will clear the path for attracting what’s best for you if you will allow it.

If discovering yourself as an infinite, individual, divine consciousness sounds like a worthy goal, give it a try.  There are many paths to this realization.  And it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself in your career as an Eternal Being.

Blair Abee is an author, poet, YouTuber, and ordinary mystic. His 5 award-winning books are available at Amazon Books, and his YouTube videos at the Blair Abee Higher Consciousness Channel.  And pick up a free book and a free meditation bracelet using this LINK to FREE BOOK or at his website:

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