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Why “Fear Not” Halloween?  Well, because it is Halloween Week.  This is said to be a time when the “veil” between 3-dimensional reality and 5-DIMENSIONAL REALITY is said to be thinner than usual.  And is interpreted by some to mean that ghosts and goblins are loose.

Foolish, of course, because 5D REALITY is the “heavenly” place we go after we take our last breath on Planet Earth.  Not a place to fear.

But humans are fear-based creatures.  Fear is our most fundamental emotional driver. And originates from being so vulnerable in the early days of our species’ evolution, when we hid out in caves with only our wits with which to survive. Having no large fangs, strong jaws, sharp claws, or fleet feet, we were easy pickings for species that did.

Though we have come to dominate the planet, fear is still what causes us to act more like a wild animal at times than the dominant species we are.  Fear of death, fear of being called out, fear of the pain of every stripe, fear of being alone.

Our human minds are uniquely wired to help us avoid these things and the many other things we are afraid of, real or imagined.  This is one element of what Buddha described as human “suffering”, which we all experience in our human condition in our own unique way.

 Why So?

From the time we emerge from the womb, a scary experience in itself, we are taught to be wary of the big, bad world we are born into.  “Dog eat dog world”.  “Only the strong survive”.  Ideas that we are surrounded by, verbally and psychically.  And our minds, fueled by the emotional threat underlying these notions, latch onto them and they become the conscious and subconscious motivators for much of our behavior.

Sad, but true.  And the clues that this is the case are all around us.  Passed on by our parents and their struggle to survive and thrive and emphasized by the lessons we learn at school from our teachers training us how to get ahead and compete with our peers, and our peers themselves, who are often mean to each other.

The images we see on TV and in the movies frequently reinforce the message.  Some national news shows devote a little time at the end of the show for a “good” story to offset the horrible things we see ourselves doing to each other every day, every week, every year.  Leads to the homily, “There but for the grace of God, go I” to soften the blows to our subconscious minds.

And many of us have experienced trauma.  Childhood accidents.  Dysfunctional families.  Less than neighborly communities.  Economic inequities.  Unaddressed difficulties and confusing/mixed messages about how the “world works”.  Offered by others who themselves are bent and twisted.  Few of us escape childhood without our fair share of such trauma.  Not to mention COVID and the train wreck of climate change bearing down on us.

It’s no wonder we end up confused and fearful about the present and about the future.

“Fear Not”

Yet there is another perspective.  One of my favorite teachers, Joel Goldsmith, 20th Century mystic and author, puts it this way, “When we stop to think about it, we cannot help but realize that everything in the world that we have ever feared is external to our own being, whether it is a person or an army, whether bullets or poison, climate, weather or storms…Regardless of what it is it is always something external to us  The first secret, therefore, that we learn in meditation, the very first revelation that comes to us, is that all power is within us and that there is no external power that can act on us.”

He goes on to make the point, which I wholeheartedly endorse, that if we are to live a fearless life, that has to come from within.  He quotes Jesus of Nazereth, who says that the secret to life is knowing that “the Kingdom of God lies within”, the same message that all of our Master teachers have taught.  And that by seeking the Kingdom of God, Spirit, we can to draw to us all the good, perfection, joy, love, safety and security we wish to have.

My Higher Consciousness, my Spirit Within, whom I have come to know and have important conversations with, communicated to me as I sat writing and meditating one night over some concern that was causing me fear, There is nothing to be afraid of. I am with you every step of the way, and, in fact, am paving the way for you.  Do not be afraid.  It just stops up the flow of Spirit energy through your system and into your world. Your realization of Friday was important, because it is the message I have for you all the time—all is right with the Universe, including your well-being.   I know that sometimes you even doubt the validity of Me and the path you are on.  And that you do not want to admit to these thoughts. Not to worry.  It is a common thought- form somewhere along the Path where you are right now.  It is part of the process of shedding the skin of the you that you used to be, the 3d you.   The 5th Dimensional you is emerging stronger and stronger.  This coincides with your deepening meditations and your more frequent remembrance of who and what you are.  And of our relationship.  And of the safety of the here and now moments where there is nothing going on except Eternity.  Hang in there.  It only gets better.  (More such messages in my book The Manifestation Book).

Making Soul Contact

This occurred in 2016 when I was making a deep dive into my meditation practice and having amazing insights into the nature of my life and who I was becoming, a more aware human being.  This Soul Contact, however, was new and still startling.  Since then, it has become commonplace, a near-daily occurrence.  This partnership has enabled me to write 5, soon to be 6, books award-winning about meditation and related topics.  It was my Higher Consciousness, who I call “HiC”, from whom I learned many important lessons, including my understanding that I am an Eternal Being. Occupying an incredibly complicated bio-mechanical vehicle, not merely a human being.  And that our job, together, is to grow and evolve and express that understanding in the most potent way possible.

It’s also from this Soul contact that I have learned one of the most important lessons that I now understand—that I am deeply and personally responsible for the quality of my life based on the quality of my consciousness.  The more elevated my consciousness, the more clearly I experience my Eternal Beingness.  And the more clearly I experience my Eternal Beingness, the more I attract, as a side benefit, the people, circumstances, and things into my life that I need to grow and evolve to fulfill my destiny on Planet Earth.  “Like begets like”.

Fear seldom darkens my door these days.  When it does, I easily recognize that it is not real and I know how to dissolve it before it takes hold in my psyche.  Issues do come up, of course, from time to time.  Right now, I am experiencing a “vibration” diagnosed as hip arthritis.  It hurts sometimes.  I am aware, however, that in the face of Spirit, this (and all conditions), are malleable and subject to change and improvement.

Some Important Principals to Consider

  1. Every condition emerges as an out-picturing of a mental misunderstanding of who and what I am.  On one level, it is a metaphor that intrudes on my natural state of harmony and it becomes my challenge to discover what that is.  I may even see it as an opportunity to dissolve whatever “glitch” has occurred internally for healing.
  2. Spiritual healing can occur when we can recognize several things about ourselves. First, that we are Eternal Beings, One with Spirit, and at that level not subject to the rules of human beingness.  Second, that we have a Soul, a Higher Consciousness, to whom we can turn when there is an appearance of difficulty and can involve in solving the condition and the source of the condition.  And third, that we are One with The ALL (God) which is the only power in the Universe and that the condition has no power in the face of the Infinite Intelligence of The ALL.
  3. We can’t deal with the cause of what seems to be a fearful condition at the level of the condition. To deal with conditions that cause fear requires a change in consciousness.  A change of consciousness from the level of 3-dimensional human consciousness to a Higher Consciousness at the level of 5-Dimensional Spiritual Consciousness.

The Key to Dissolving Fear is Meditation and Spirit Contemplation

While there are many spiritual techniques and traditions that we can turn to for help, the focus of such techniques has to be on a change in consciousness. Which leads to an experience of Higher Consciousness and awareness of the Allness and Power of Spirit. Without that experience, such efforts are just mental gymnastics.

I have found that meditation, both sit-down and mindfulness meditation, are the best, most direct path to such a change.  Primarily because meditation causes one to shift awareness away from human thought, and fear contemplation, to experiences of a 5-Dimensional nature.  To a transformation in thought and understanding of the fundamental nature of who and what we are.  Eternal Beings.

The meditation process I have developed, Higher Consciousness Meditation, as outlined in my book The Meditation Book, is specifically designed to create this recognition.  To result in an experience of The ALL and our Oneness with It.  To have an experience of our Soul, our Higher Consciousness, and our Oneness with It.  And to have an experience of our Eternal Beingness.

Higher Consciousness Meditation bypasses the traditional meditation approaches which focus on mind training and even mental suppression.  And instead, focuses on providing the user a more direct path to the experience of Illumination.

As well as a path to putting aside fear for the experience of peace that comes with putting aside our suffering.   “Fear Not”.

Give it a try.

My 6th book the Meditation Journal launches this week (not sure when because Amazon is being ornery).  It’s a companion book to The Meditation Book (Book 2 in my Higher Consciousness Meditation Series). My best seller at about 5000 copies sold.

To celebrate the launch of this book, which is a paperback, I have made electronic copies of all 5 of my first books available for $7 at Amazon.  A $21 value.  BEGINNING MONDAY, OCTOBER 31st.


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