Life is But a Dream. How So?

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It has been said that from a metaphysical perspective human life is a dream. And that one day we will wake up and understand the truth of this statement that “Life is a dream”. I’ve always been a little puzzled by this idea but have never really delved into it much.

The concept of life as a dream is an ancient one found in Hinduism. It says that “while a man is dreaming, he does not know it is a dream, and in his dream, he may even try to interpret a dream. Only after he wakes does he know it was a dream. And someday there will be a great awakening when we know that this is all a great dream” (Wikipedia).

My Dream

This became a question that I thought was worth exploring several mornings ago when I woke up from a lovely dream and had a flash of realization that I was waking up from one dream into another. I had heard that idea presented off and on over the years but had not paid much attention to it.

It became time to pay attention. And explore the idea for what I could glean from it. And let my Higher Consciousness offer some insights from Spirit.

As I pondered the subject to prepare for writing this post, I got the giggles when I recalled a song from my youth. A do-wop song called, “Life Could be a Dream Sweetheart” by the Crew Cuts. One line, in particular, came to mind, “Life could be a dream if I could take you up paradise up above.” And it occurred to me that this is what my Soul might say to me about my relationship with It. That I could realize a state of “Heaven. Here. Now”, in partnership with It. And that this would be an even higher level of dream than my sleeping dream life, or my waking dream life. My Spirit dream life. The most Real of the three.

Individualized Experience. A Dream?

The idea of life as a dream is bolstered by the notion that we are all having an individualized experience here on Planet Earth that is totally unlike any other person’s. I know what my life, my reality, is like, but I can’t know yours as you do nor can you know mine as I do. It’s a life that has unfolded from my birth until now and will continue to unfold until I leave this plane of existence and go back to the Other Side. Where, undoubtedly, a new adventure awaits. A life, based on my awareness of it, that only I can experience in its fullness.

What About Facts?

It used to be that we could all agree, to some degree, on “facts”–a shared excepted reality. But even that concept has revealed itself to be tenuous. There are those who have, through their thoughts and beliefs, come to accept a “reality” of “alternative facts” in which getting a COVID shot is a terrible idea. And once one starts down that line of thinking, alternative facts, beliefs, and group mind become the building blocks of an indisputable reality. Sufficiently real to die for.

“A Great Awakening”

The Hindu saying that “life being a dream and that someday there will be a great awakening when we know that this is all a great dream” mentioned above, then, takes on greater urgency. Especially when married with the somewhat difficult notion that we all create our own reality. While sometimes hard to accept because the cards that life sometimes deals us seem so unfair, and certainly now what we would wish for ourselves.

Nevertheless, it is an idea that I think is pretty close to “fact”. I ascribe to this idea because I ascribe to the so-called “Law of Attraction”. That like attracts like. More accurately, that “like begets, like” (the Law of Vibration). Cause and effect. The higher a vibration we are able to reach/generate/radiate, the more we will spawn experiences of a higher vibration. For example, if we give love, we get love. If we offer peace to another, we are more likely to get it back.

If we raise our awareness to a level of Higher Consciousness, through meditation, we will beget/attract more elevated people, experiences and things into our lives. This is one of the core principles of my book on prosperity called The Manifestation Book. And this is a way that we can consciously create a better life for ourselves.

Knowing this is what I would call “A Great Awakening” for those who come to know what all of our Master Teachers have tried to teach us throughout the Ages. That “The Kingdom of Heaven is inside” of us. And that if we rise to this level of awareness, the unreality of the 3-dimensional human dream of what Buddha called human “suffering” will give way to a 5 Dimensional life of Love, Joy, Peace and Illumination.

A “Great Awakening”. By altering the consciousness that creates the vibration that creates the circumstances. And dispels the outmoded dream as “child’s play”.

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