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It matters very much who or what God is. The answer to these questions is the crux of elevated awareness and spirituality. The misunderstanding of which can take us in the wrong understanding of who and what we are. As well as what this world, our Planet Earth is all about. On the other hand, a correct understanding opens up a whole new world.

The question of “who God is” has concerned us since the time we, as a species, came to formulate the concept of God. From many gods to one God. From an exacting judge to a Father to a divine, Intelligent Universal cradle out of which everything is birthed and continues to unfold. This question challenges everyone interested in delving into the nature and substance of existence.

7 Myths About God

I had a traditional upbringing and a Lutheran religious affiliation. I remember asking questions about what God was but only getting vague or rote answers with did not seem very well thought through. I eventually stopped asking but hear about God fairly frequently, though not as frequently as Jesus. From that time as well as since I have heard descriptions of God that sounded more like myths than anything substantial.

In recent years, since I have taken a deep dive into my meditation practice, and deepened my understanding of the Universe I have come to realize that my upbringing was not very accurate to what I have come to know about God in recent years. Here are some of the erroneous things I have heard and read about God:

  • Myth 1: God is a Supreme Being. A super being with the power to create and destroy. A man, usually, that sits on a throne in Paradise and rules the Universe. Almost like the being that bestows life on Adam in the Sistine Chapel. This God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient—Everywhere, All-Powerful and All-Seeing,
  • Myth 2: God punishes and rewards. This supreme being is said to reward some and punish others. Usually rewarding the ‘good” and punishing the ‘bad’ (but not always). But not always because “he” works in mysterious ways. In addition he has a keen interest in people and what we are up to, including visiting upon us “acts of God” which we can’t always understand because he “works in mysterious ways.”
  • Myth 3: A prayer Santa Claus. This God will also reward people who pray properly. Much like a Santa Claus who rewards good little girls and boys when they ask, cajole, bargain, or otherwise pray “just right”. Again, because he works in mysterious ways it is not easy to understand why those things asked for don’t appear. Maybe because we are not good enough or our prayers are amiss.
  • Myth 4: God is a part of a Trinity of Father, Son (said to be Jesus and only Jesus) and Holy Ghost. Three in One. Again a mysterious formula shrouded in mystery. And that the Word of God, some said the infallible Word of God, can only be found in the Judeo Christian Bible.
  • Myth 5: A Father God who loves us all rather than a vengeful God partial to one group of people or another. This version of God is closer to the Truth and was made famous by Jesus of Nazareth. And was so radical a departure from the conventional understanding of God that it got him killed.
  • Myth 6: Also worth mentioning is the notion that some of our Master Teachers were gods. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Kwan Yin, Krishna, Lao Tzu, and others are viewed as so far above the rest of us that none of us could equal their spiritual achievements. It has even been claimed that even some political leaders were gods—pharaohs, Roman Emperors, and certain Kings and Queens.
  • Myth 7: And lastly, the idea that God is dead, or that there is no such thing as God, rounds out the list of 7.

My Journey to Understanding My Truths

I would like to offer my own understanding of who and what God is, and address each one of these myths. This is something I have been interested in my whole life but have delved into intensively in the past 6 years. I grew up in a Lutheran/Christian church whose founder upended the domination of the Catholic Church in the early 1500s by saying that people could have their own direct experience of God rather than having to go through a priest. However, Martin Luther’s understanding of who and what God is did not change, just the ability to contact God directly without an intercessor.

I was pretty fervent in my belief in such a God until I went to college and had my beliefs shaken by the expanded worldview with which I was presented, including an alternative view of my religion. And I concluded that the whole religious belief system I had accepted unquestioningly was baloney, made up and of no direct value to me. I became an agnostic.

In recent years, my deep dive into my meditation practice, including my development of a new meditation process called Higher Consciousness Meditation has led me to my current understanding. This,, along with the revisiting of my former beliefs from a different perspective, has led me to draw conclusions about “God” that I think are useful to the ongoing.

My 7 “Truths” About God

  • Truth 1: There is no Supreme Being sitting on a throne somewhere directing the events of the Universe. Instead, I have come to know God as the ongoing unfolding of the Universe in the direction of expansion, growth, and evolution. Started, in this Universe, by the Big Bang and continuing to this very moment.

Eternity, preceding the Big Bang, emerges moment by moment in its own way, out of nothing in an orderly fashion. Although no word or phrase can capture this phenomenon, I like to use the word The ALL, instead of God, to try and capture it. And the one thing I know, from direct experience, is that The ALL “is”. Is. In this moment, the only time there is. Actually, I prefer the term “Isness” because it denotes Eternity in this moment, endlessly containing the energy of the past and the future.

My human mind cannot encompass this. It wants to return to “God”. But it’s my experience in meditation, where my mind stops its chatter, that I know this to be true. And I know this “Isness” because I “am”, because I exist, because I am conscious of my own existence. You, I, we are the leading edge of this “Isness” as it unfolds.

The ALL generates an energy that pervades the Universe and causes it to unfold. This energy I like to call Spirit. Some call it Love. It’s the energy that unfolds the Universe In the direction of growth and evolution.

  • Truth 2: There is no God that punishes and rewards. The ALL is and unfolds without regard for the goodness or badness of our behavior. In the Isness of The ALL there is no “good” or “bad”. There is just Isness Beingness. It’s we who judge “good” and “bad” in our humanness. And in our humanness “good” and “bad” outcomes are a result of cause and effect. Good intentions and behavior tend to result in good outcomes (although not always) and bad intentions and behavior tend to result in bad outcomes. One definition for karma.
  • Truth 3: The ALL is not a being that responds to traditional prayers—asking for or begging for favors. No matter how skillfully a prayer is offered. That’s not to say that there’s nothing we can do to influence our experiences and outcomes. In fact, there is much we can do to help create a positive life experience. And that is to learn to create a positive energy cloud around ourselves that attracts positive people, things and experiences. (See my book The Manifestation Book).

The shortest path to generating a positive energy cloud is through meditation and I explore in detail in my book The Meditation Book.

  • Truth 4: There is a degree of truth to God as a part of a Trinity of Father, Son (said to be Jesus and only Jesus) and Holy Ghost. But only if we see that The ALL Is, that Spirit is the energy of the Universe or The ALL and that we are all Sons and Daughters of The ALL with an individualized spark of Spirit, our Soul. And that all are One in the Alness of The ALL.
  • Truth 5: Energy and matter, bound into the Oneness of The ALL could be called Love. This Love pervades all things, including us, unconditionally and without reservation. It is Love and we are the same Love. Greater than a Father’s Love because it has no bounds. The ALL has no boundaries. It’s The ALL.
  • Truth 6: Our Master Teachers were not gods. Instead, they were/are more like older brothers and sisters. More advanced because of their experiences that resulted in Illumination and to the realization that “The Kingdom of God is inside” me and you and you”. An imprisoned splendor just waiting to be allowed to emerge and participate In our lives.
  • Truth 7: God is not dead. No. The ALL is very much alive. Obviously.

These myths and truths are very different in scope and detail. The myths are, I think, largely generated from the human consciousness that is very limited in its view of the larger picture. And therefore, limits the limitless expansiveness of The ALL to being a superhuman version of ourselves.

It’s a case of not knowing what we don’t know, since the realization of the truth of The ALL comes from experiencing it, not thinking about it. Through meditation. And Soul Contact. We’re not there yet as a species, although, increasingly, there are many individuals of us who are waking up to the Truth.

Stay tuned for Part II next week when I address why knowing these things is so important.

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