A Healing Meditation for Ukraine TODAY

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Picture of downtown Kyiv

I have updated my article on doing a healing meditation for Ukraine.  And developed a YouTube video, my first on my Higher Consciousness Channel.  Go to this link to see it:  Meditation for Ukraine.

Please go to see it and let me know in the comments what you think.  I would really appreciate your feedback.

People are asking “What can I do about Ukraine?” A healing meditation is needed. It is clear that the survival of the small, democratic nation of Ukraine is at risk. Russia is about to unleash the full might of its lethal military on Ukraine’s cities. It is also clear that many of the people of the world observing this are feeling powerless.

Early this morning I awoke feeling a strong need to do a healing meditation on the situation, not knowing what to do exactly.

Guided Meditation Steps

1. I began by doing the Higher Consciousness Meditation process I have developed, and written about, to get myself in the right frame of mind and receptivity to the promptings of my Higher Self. After coming to the end of that meditation, I had reached a state of consciousness that was ready. (Use any meditation process you are familiar with, including silent prayer, to put yourself into a quiet, peaceful state of mind.)

Step 2 Holy of Holies

2. Next, I was first prompted to call Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, other world leaders, the Russian military, the people of Russia, and the people of Ukraine into my Holy of Holies for a  moment of healing I said, “I ask the Higher Selves of everyone involved to join me this morning to work on healing the situation in Ukraine. Each of us is an Eternal Being whose motives and intentions may differ from the motives and intentions of our human selves. Let’s take a moment to be at peace with each other and to remember who we really are, putting aside our human desires and intentions.” I paused for a few moments in silence and then took an unprompted deep breath which signals that Spirit has taken over. I then brought the session to a close.

(We all have a Holy of Holies that lies within, of infinitely flexible size, to do inner work with individual people or groups. Use my words or use your own. Just take care to address the Higher Selves of all involved to work on the healing needed.)

Step 3 Best Possible Outcome

3. Next, I used my Best Possible Outcomes (BPO) process and said to my Higher Self, my Soul, “Higher Consciousness, I ask for the best possible outcome for everyone involved, for this war vibration that’s going on in Ukraine”. I then paused and caught another sacred breath. Spirit engaged. “Thank you very much for your involvement”.

(This simple process, which can be used for anything you want to manifest, has several key elements. Address this “ask” to your Higher Self, Spirit within. Ask for a non-specific but best possible outcome for the situation to not insert your human solution into the mix. Request the best possible outcome for everyone involved. Pause to look for a signal that Spirit has engaged—a breath, a sense, a “click”. Trust that Spirit will unfold that which is needed for the best outcome. And finish with a “Thank you for your Soul and for Spirit’s involvement”, turning the matter over to Spirit.)

Spirit’s Message About Healing

I then paused for a moment to see if there was any more to be done. These words came, “You know, there are many who are observing and working on what’s going on in Ukraine because of the worldwide implications. There are those who work on planetary issues from This Side (meaning 5-Dimensional Reality), who work on inner levels to maintain maximum harmony on the planet.

They are happy that you are working on this and that you are a conduit for spiritual energy intended to uplift this situation. Also, there are lightworkers like yourself all over the planet who are working on this, as well. Mostly, they are unaffiliated individuals who bring their elevated consciousness and various talents to help as best as they can in situations needing healing. Your work combines with theirs to bring Light into the dark places humanity sometimes gets into.”

I have to say that this inner prompting blew me away. It was gratifying to hear that I was part of a sizeable group of embodied and disembodied spiritual beings that work on planetary issues. And that my small effort is part of a larger effort to avert disaster in Ukraine.

Participate In Healing

I invite you who are lightworkers, spiritual warriors and humanitarians to use this guided meditation to add your healing ability to the concern that we all share for Ukraine and its people. And to forgive the aggressor troops, many of whom don’t even know what they are fighting for.

Many of us are asking, “What can I, an individual far from the conflict, do?”

Using these meditation techniques is one thing you can do to bring your considerable light and spiritual understanding to help this situation.

Other Things We Can Do to Help Ukraine

Other things we can do:

  • Find out more about the ideas presented in this article by going to Amazon Books and pick up copies of The Meditation Book and The Manifestation Book by Blair Abee. I will donate 100% of the royalties from the sale of all of my books during the month of March.
  • Watch the news with Sacred Eyes. By that I mean put yourself in a meditative state before engaging with images on the screen. View the information you are observing by radiating your light outward into the situation rather than absorbing and amplifying the terrible human scene that is unfolding into your psyche.
  • Talk to others about these ideas and share this information with them to amplify the spiritual power you are bringing to bear.
  • Donate money to groups like the International Rescue Committee which is on the ground helping receive the traumatized refugees into Poland or to Chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen which is there providing meals for the arriving refugees.

Blessed Be.

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