A Healing Meditation for My Country

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Man in Healing Meditation Pose

There are days that stand out in memory, known only by their month and year. July 4, 9/11, January 6. Days like 9/11 and January 6 where national healing is needed. Different traumas, different days, but painful nevertheless. The one threatened us from the outside, the other from the inside. Both stirred our national reptilian brain. The latter the more dangerous.

I don’t want to lose my life in a democracy. It always seemed so strongly in place. Who would ever have thought that there might be those who would throw it away for the sake of power? And willing to do anything to gain and keep it. Preposterous, I would have said 50 years ago when I was taking political science classes, and grew to understand some of what went on in the world of politics. Even a mild version of the last couple of years would have been a sure lower grade in the final thesis project.

At the risk of sounding too glib, my life is too lovely to have it spoiled by anarchy. An internal mental/emotional war of tribes sounds dreadful. Not to mention ugly—full of strife, disharmony, and disfunction. The last few years have shown us what a brutish lot we can be under the right conditions.

Spiritual Healing from Our Withiness

My nation needs healing. For those of us who are spiritually inclined, it is a time to come to the aid of the health of our democracy. From our homes, from our Withiness.. And do the work that we would do if we were confronted with ill health in our family.

And swing into action to do the healing work we are capable of in times of crisis. Do what we are capable of doing from our homes.. But do something powerful, nevertheless. More powerful than we give ourselves credit for. But what we can do to influence the outcome of the national stew that is the nation. (One nation, under God—that one). Toward Higher Consciousness. Collective growth and evolution.

One would hope what’s going is a national tantrum on the way to growing up. That we have the sense for national reconciliation to be the outcome just as we have to address climate change and the spectre of perpetual virus outbreaks together successfully.

Active, Personal Involvement as an Event Develops

If you have read my writings since 2017, you have read more than several times about a meditation I did when is used to take Sasha dog on our morning run in the neighborhood. A meditation that was inspired by one of my Master Teachers, Joel Goldsmith, the 20th Century writer, and sage. He encouraged his readers to all take a moment each day to do a world meditation. But, as far as I know, he never said how.

I played with that idea of how to do that for several years. Letting it gestate. Until I hit on it–a meditation process that would centralize the notion of planetary transformation as its mission. One day the mediation process just spang up in my awareness in a complete, detailed form. Since then I have worked on this–letting my Higher Self help me evolve it. It has evolved from a world meditation to a meditation that could apply to my neighborhood or the entire universe,

The Healing Process

Sasha and I set out every day, shine or rain (when I put her little yellow raincoat on). As we started out, I would begin to breathe in and out deeply for a few minutes, just taking the morning. There’s a mockingbird that lives close to our house and who often greets me with a flurry of song, and I reply in kind—he’s much cleverer at it than I, though.

Then I would say to myself, “Illuminate, Elevate”, “Illuminate, Elevate”, “Illuminate, Elevate, Radiate” getting the feeling of each of these words, having the experience of being filled with light, and radiating that light to my surroundings. I find if I say the words out loud, the feeling amplifies, and it grows into an experience that literally causes my vibratory rate to skyrocket.

  • (The rest of the meditation is a lot of repetition of the words, “Illuminate, Radiate”. Just warning you. Every time is different, though in some large or small way. Creativity at work.)
  • Then, “Illuminate, Elevate”. “Illuminate, Elevate, consciousness. In my neighborhood”. “Illuminate, Elevate consciousness.” Sometimes the neighbors would happen to come out of their homes and we exchange a “’Mornin’”.
  • “Illuminate, Elevate”. “Illuminate, Elevate, Vallejo town” where I live. “Illuminate, Elevate, consciousness”.
  • “Illuminate, Elevate”. “Illuminate, Elevate, my Bay Area. North Bay, South Bay, East Bay, West Bay, Central Bay, Bay Area”. (And in my mind’s eye, I often get a picture of something related to each area). “Illuminate, Elevate, consciousness.”
  • “Illuminate, Elevate. Illuminate, Elevate consciousness in my Californiaaaa. Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western California. Central California. Illuminate, Elevate consciousness” (usually remembering somebody I know in each place).
  • By now we are heading up the hill that we just went down. My sounding of the words comes out with more huff and puff. “Illuminate, Elevate, USAAAAAA. Illuminate, Elevate. Illuminate, Elevate, consciousness. Illuminate, Elevate, Leadership (especially now). Illuminate, Elevate, our Citizenship”. Also, by now, I am really feeling the illumination and sense of Soul Contact that such a healing exercise can bring.
  • And finish with, “Illuminate, Elevate, Planet Earth and all of its inhabitants. Mother Earth, Mother Ocean, Father Sky”. Illuminate, Elevate consciousness. Ho!
  • Then we stop. Sasha would pee. And we would turn into our street and walk the rest of the way home.

The Value of Such an Exercise

  • First, thanks to Joel’s inspiration I think I have lifted the vibratory rate of my neighborhood, town, region, state, and nation (and Universe), if only an ounce. I have “prayed” for the elevation of our human consciousness into Higher Consciousness, into Eternal Being Consciousness.
  • I have been doing this for a while and say to myself related to my country, “Illuminate” (meaning raise my consciousness to an Illumination state), “Radiate”, meaning from my illumined state Within, that Spirit “Radiate” out to my country, my fellow citizens, our leaders, and “Elevate”, meaning Elevate our 3 dimensional into 5D Consciousness.
  • And I feel invigorated. Lifted up. Light-filled. Ready to face my day knowing that I, as an individual human being and spark of The ALL, have done all that I know how to do for this day for my country.


Often, when events seem out of our control, we don’t know what to do. We feel helpless. Unable to influence the outcome of an event. This guided meditation balances that scale. Offers a remedy. It gives us a format to know what to do. A format that hangs together and elevates everything, and everybody, if only for just a bit. Others doing the same add to the amplitude of the vibration.

What do you think? How do you like this approach to doing healing work outside of your family? Are you interested in trying it out? Give it a try?

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