Meditation Can Help Us Ride the Wave

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Surfer on a Wave

My wife Lynne said this evening as we reasoned together, “Ride the wave”.  She had been talking about suffering, herself, with the charged full moon that we just experienced and the events of the day.  “Surf the wave”,  I added, acting out a man on a surfboard..

This post is about riding the wave of personal unfolding, national unfolding, collective consciousness  unfolding, world unfolding, and solar system unfolding with the planets doing their astrological dance which we watch,  Riding the wave to manage difficult times is something we all are going to have to learn to do.  Difficult times are only just beginning.

The Times

As amateur astrologers we pay attention to the dance of the planets as a metaphor for the times we are in.  From our sanctuary we are watching all signs and goings on.   We have a reality show going on in our living room in blazing color and sound.  The ultimate narcissist playing out the drama of being President of the United States in 2020. 

, by moment, by moment.  Day by day.  At all levels that dysfunctionality is going on.  Unfolding as it should.  (Now that sounds heretical.  “As it should”.  There’s no in my liberal, mystical mind that what is going on is as it should be.  But it is.)

It is What It Is

The obvious way to know that it is as it should be is because it is what it is..  It hasn’t turned out any other way but this way.  This show before us is the way the Universe is turning out, in its unfoldment.   And it is happening in this country the way it is because of collective consciousness. 

“Isness” is happening. The unfoldment of our collective consciousness and unconsciousness is happening before our very eyes.  Along with our culture and our history.  Where we are is as far as we have come.  Dynamically , we each have our individual view of what’s going and what “should” be going on.  Our individual views gets dumped into the mix so that the color of paint we are painting our with with life is the sum total color we have contributed to.

The Trajectory is Upward, Ever Upward

And its dark right now.  Our collective dysfunctionality is unfolding perfectly.  As it should.  As it has to.  So that, I think, we transform and grow as a nation.  As individuals.  As a planet.  This is the march of history, slowly and steadily onward and upward.  However, like any road, it has its ups and downs. 

Our species unfolding is in an ever so slow trajectory upward.  Winding and winding.  Circling back and circling back, but each time on a slightly higher plane.  If you live long as long as I have, you begin to see the bigger pattern of the moments strung together into days and into weeks and into months and into years and into a lifetime. 

Meditation Helps

I’m glad I don’t suffer over it all so much anymore.  My longer view, and my ongoing meditative experience, results in the realization that there is nothing that needs to be suffered over, because it is all going to turn out.  Not in a way I could ever have imagined, but it does turn out.  My job becomes about staying centered–as much in a state of awareness and peacefulness as I possibly can be.  I can’t go out much.  This is the most I can do.

Meditation helps.  I keep coming back and back to my higher consciousness.  My Awareness of Presence.  Out  of the confluence of forces happening in Blair World.  The world I inhabit.  The world create.  And the world that creates me. 


Hey, I might as well relax.  And enjoy the ride.  And be amazed at the story that is getting told.  Day by day.  A reality show.  Like the Kardashians before the Trumps eclipsed them in public imagination.  What is he/she/they going to do in the next episode?  Who knows?  Wait and see.  Participate as a co-creator with eyeballs to lend to the scene.  And participate in my own reality show.  (Glad I don’t have the attention of the world trained on me 24/7.  That has to be exhausting.  But T man seems to want it.)

Fortunately, one man doesn’t have the power to keep this pace this indefinitely.  Nor do his ardent supporters, I don’t think.  Dictators dictating get very old after a while, I should think, though I’ve never lived under one myself. Fortunately.   Presidents in this country get old very rapidly, with that much attention on them all the time.  Obama aged before our very eyes.  The job turned him prematurely grey.

Recognize the Patterns

The trick to riding the wave, I think, is to recognize the pattern.  Wave building up, wave crashing, wave subsiding, wave building back up again.  It helps to meditate on the cycles, the coming and going of the waves in the ocean we occupy.  And to not get taken over by he details of the events. 

Observe them with great interest.  And keep the vibration of my energy elevated so that I can contribute that to the whole.  And live my version of living a human  life from the most peaceful and impeccable place I can.  For myself and for the Universe.

Getting and staying peaceful  helps all of that.  It calms the mind down.  It engages the personal and collective Spirit.  It enables us to choose light rather than darkness. Spirit awakens and flows.  The hot mess begins to cool.  The fevered temperature of the country, and its leadership, could begin to subside. 


Conclusion.  The Pendulum

We cannot and will not let the darkness overwhelm us.  The pendulum will swing back eventually, and we’ll see the progress we’ve made, individually and collectively, under duress.  Those who know meditation, can ride the wave and not get sucked under.  I say this to myself from a place of mindfulness,   I remind myself to “Peace, be still”.  And becoming so myself adds a drop of peace to pond of outcome.  For me, for us, and for the Universe’s.

Blessed be.  The ALL is comforted.  “This too shall pass”. 

What do you think?  Have you been riding a wave?  How’s that going?  Has meditation helped?  Comment below.


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