Meditation Matters: Bad Things, Good People. What to Do?

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Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  My wife and I consider ourselves to be good people and last week we had a fire in our kitchen which will take 4 months to fix.  And we will be living in a hotel or rented house while the work is being done.

The questions that people of all stripes ask in such situations is “Why Me?” or the questions that we asked–“What’s this all about?”, and “What did  we do to create this?”.  The first is more of a question that comes from victim mentality and the second two from a perspective of taking responsibility and attempting to understand what forces might have been at play that resulted in the “bad thing”.  

This post will examine the issues of “why” and “what to do?” when there is an undesirable something that happens in life. 

“Why?”  Just Because 

Let’s examine the “why” of it first.  And let’s recognize that all the questions above assume that there is some cause and effect in this world.  I submit that there are at four answers to this question.  The first answer is “just because”, not a really satisfying answer.  This answer assumes that we live in a somewhat random Universe and that there is not a really good answer.  Things just happen, especially those seemingly out of the blue sometimes. 

This is similar, in an odd way, to the answer, “God acts in mysterious ways”.   Which assumes that there is a God that is involved in our world and in our lives, but it’s difficult to understand why God might punish us—a mystery.  (Even though we are all imperfect and are always deserving of such punishment).  Again, a dissatisfying answer, because “good” people should be rewarded, not punished. 

“Why?”  Karma 

Though the word “karma” comes from the Far East and is often most strongly associated with religions in India, it as a word now known worldwide.    Wikipedia defines it as “Good intent and good deeds contribute to good karma and happier rebirths, while bad intent and bad deeds contribute to bad karma and bad rebirths.”  Good actions have good outcomes and bad actions have bad outcomes. 

But this doesn’t explain why bad things happen to good people, unless you include the notion that at some time in a previous life, we were bad people who did bad things.  And those bad things have appeared in this lifetime because they were not addressed in the previous lifetime, resulting in bad circumstances in this lifetime that to pay for the karmic debt accumulated in an earlier time. 

“Why?”  Like Attracts Like 

Similar to the notion of karma is the what’s called the “law of attraction” which suggests that “like attracts like”.  Good things happen to good people, bad things to bad people.  But again, the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” must be addressed. 

 The answer here tends to be one that is psychological and metaphysical in nature.  As Jung suggests, we all have a “shadow” side to us—areas of darkness that we are blind to that we don’t necessarily want to acknowledge or do anything about.  This sets up actively hidden or unconsciously suppressed parts of ourselves which have a distinct vibration and emerge at some of the most inconvenient times in the most inconvenient ways.  Ways that match up with the vibration of our shadow sides and emerge for examination and perhaps healing. 

“Why?” To Balance Out Some Energy 

Finally, there’s the idea that my Higher Consciousness, my Soul, presented me with when I asked while in a meditative state.  I have a remarkably close relationship with my “HiC” as I affectionately call it in which we converse about many things.  “What is this fire business about, HiC?” I asked.  HiC replied, “The fire was an activity caused by the need for a rebalancing of energy in the Universe.  And you and Lynne were chosen because you could handle the task given to you and bring about the rebalance.” 

This intrigued me, because it was the only explanation that wasn’t related to some negative trait or “side” of me.  In fact, it was suggested that because we are good people, and people often living from our Higher Consciousness, that we were some of the ones (but not the only ones) who could do the healing work necessary to rectify the energy imbalance. 

This energy imbalance has been occurring for some time in the history of humanity and is coming to an end at this particular time.  This particular time could be called “The Launching of the Age of Aquarius” (not the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius that happened in the 1960s) but the Launching of the Age of Aquarius.  

It is symbolized by the movement of the two largest planets in the Solar System, Jupiter and Saturn, into Aquarius for the first time in two thousand years and lining up in a perfect conjunction of the planets (Saturn is exactly behind Jupiter from the point of view of Earth, on Winter Solstice Day.  A rare occurrence and a very energized time of Transformation.  

This will not be an easy time, as recent events of 2020 easily testify to, but it will be the beginning of a new Age.  And Age in which human beings will begin to grow into our next evolutionary stage—the stage of Eternal Beings.  A time of Spirit occupying human bodies in a conscious way rather than in hidden, unconscious ways.   

Meditation is the Answer to All “Whys” 

In each instance meditation is one of the ways that the situation that exists can be rectified, healed, improved.  Let’s take a look. 

  • If you are someone who thinks we live in a random universe and nothing means anything. Or if you believe that there is a God personality that punishes some and rewards others; healing is needed.  Meditation can open you up to see that the Universe is much more complex and interconnected rather than random and disconnected.
  • If you are someone who thinks that bad things happen because of bad karma, you are in luck. Meditation, especially my system called Higher Consciousness Meditation (HCM), is one of the answers.  Diligently practiced over a relatively short period of time, HCM will begin to life you up into your Higher Consciousness, where karma is melted away and diminishes.
  • If you like the notion of personal vibratory rates and the shadow side of yourself, HCM will, over a short period of time, cause your normal vibratory rate to elevate and cause you to attract higher vibratory people, places, and circumstances. Improving your state of mind and your state of circumstance
  • If you come to realize that a “bad thing” might have a higher purpose that can cause healing for yourself and your world, meditation can help here as well. Healing is one of the characteristics of a person of Higher Consciousness (along with love, joy, peace, compassion, and gratefulness).  Healing for yourself, your community and your world. 

Conclusion:  The Unfolding 

As I write this our insurance company has put us up in an extended stay hotel until they can rent and furnish a house for us to live in for the four months it will take to repair our home.  Better than ever.  We are taking everything a day at a time.  We have a little more time to meditate.  To practice mindful breathing techniques.  To vibe up.  To do the healing work on ourselves and our World.  To experience the launch and unfolding of the transformation that seems to be under way.  

We can handle it.  And enjoy the process.



 What do you think?  How do you like “Go Within, Stay Within” as a mindfulness exercise?  Are you interested in trying it out?  What’s your favorite mindfulness exercise?  Leave your comments below.  


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