Spiritual Poetry: World Unfolding

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Wave about to crash

Every once in a while I get an urge to write a bit of poetry.  Sometimes inspired by a conversation my wife and I have.  This is one of those.  The phrases in yellow are my favorite. 

We were reasoning.
“Ride the wave”, she said.
“Surf the wave,” I said.
Full moon pulsing,
Country suffering.
Trump suffering.

A national unfolding,
Of one man’s life.
A reality show,
crashing wave by crashing wave.
“Collective consciousness”, I said.

Happening personally”, she said.

Unfolding and unfolding and unfolding,
World’s unfolding,
With the worlds of all of us.
Individual consciousness
Contributes to collective consciousness.
Collective consciousness
Contributes to individual consciousness.

Hard to say where one ends
And the other begins.
Synergy of both,
Experienced only right here,
Right now, in my awareness.
Only awareness I know.
Dream within dream, this.

But oh so compelling,
This stimuli seems to matter.
Personal unfolding, national unfolding,
Collective consciousness unfolds.
Narcissus sways and lulls us.
World unfolding, solar system unfolding.
Planets dance for us.

Moment by moment,
Darkness and disfunction tempt,
Gnashing of teeth reverberates.
Still small voice reminds,
“It is what it has to be”.
Set in motion by the first whisper.
“Turning out as it must,
Evolution at work.”

Thought sears.
Impossible, at first.
Yet inarguable. Inevitable.
Twistedly comforting.
Mind recoils, Self accepts.
But of course,
How else?
No other way would do.
Could do.

And I’m ok,
As I tippy tap these words.
Old world dying.
The crunching,
Happening in real time.
Culture and history’s the mold
Into which we pour the hot liquid
Of our lives.

One and together,
Can’t look away.
Old man nods.
Ride the curl.
Challenging surf,
This that “is”.

New world birthing.
Universe emerging,
Waves crashing.
No choice really,
Except accept.
And ride the energy.
Takes me where Spirit intends.

Shoulders relax. 

What do you think?  Have you been riding a wave?  How’s that going?  Has meditation helped?  Is there a phrase you particularly like?  Comment below. 

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