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Mountain Moving

Lynne and I moved a mountain in 6 weeks.  Now I understand the spiritual teaching of Jesus,  “Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him”.  

This post tells a story of a mountain in my life needing moving and how we did it.  First, the story and then the “how”.    

The Problem 

Six weeks ago, we received a letter from our landlord’s property manager indicating that they wanted to sell our house, our lease was coming to an end, and we would have to be out of the house in eight weeks.  Shocked…….. Stunned………… Lynne would say that we had just gotten settled after 18 months of moving from San Diego, after a shocking year and a half there, only to be uprooted again. 

The circumstances were not good.  In a seller’s market, rents had been rising in the area.  Nice places were scarce and often contested with multiple good potential tenants vying for a place to live without moving out of the area.  Lynne sensed this first and urged us to begin looking immediately although it might mean that we would have to pay double rents for a month or more. 

What We Wanted 

As I sit here writing this, I am amazed at the whirlwind of activity that has gone on since then, and our good fortune.  Our list of perfect move outcomes: 

  • We intended to find a bigger place for a little less money in a nicer, quieter neighborhood than where we were living at the edge of the ghetto
  • We needed a property manager who could help us move our mountain.
  • And wanted a landlord who has bought this house to own as an investment–meaning that we can stay as long as we want to until we are ready to buy or build
  • A landlord who would allow us to shorten the lease so that we had no overlapping rents in order to move in.  
  • An easy move. I had just agreed to a one month, nearly full time, contract to do work for the organization I had recently become affiliated with.   
  • One not to strenuous. I had recently pulled up lame with “tennis elbow” and was concerned about carrying all those boxes.   

 Moving the Mountain 

We said to ourselves,” Let’s move this mountain of stuff into a place that is even better than the one we have.  Let’s let Spirit guide our way and go before us to make the crooked places straight.  Let’s allow obstacles to be dissolved and the Unfolding Path to reveal Itself.  Let’s take the next step, and the next and the next, day by day, and trust the unfolding.”  

I think this is what Master Teacher Jesus was trying to teach with his message of moving mountains.  Know that you can ask the mountain (whatever the problem that seems to have mountainous proportions) to move aside, staying steadfast in Spirit and believing/knowing that Spirit will stir and work in your favor, and It will.  

He said, at another time, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”  

The only mistake the translation makes with this teaching is to spell You with a small “y” rather than a capital.  It’s the You energized, vibrationally ablaze by Spirit’s Essence that makes moving mountains possible.  The little you, the 3d will falter and whine and give up.  It confidence, actually a Knowing, by You in your state of Higher Consciousness, that makes all things possible. 

The Outcome 

I wrote at the time, “All is well, although we are both tired weary of packing and unpacking boxes, the latter of which is only half done.  The place seems more expansive, more suited for us to create, grow, and up our vibrations.

The neighbors seem friendlier, more inviting to walk in, and the cats next door less menacing to our two lionesses and our wolf. 

Our property manager, Johnny Walker, was all that we hoped he would be.  Our landlord, likewise, accommodating and helpful.  And asked a reasonable, fair price for his property.”

It took digging deep, working together, knowing we could pull off a major logistical undertaking, and reminding each other daily that Spirit and our Higher Selves were infusing our effort to make all of this happen.  But we knew, we KNEW, that all would be well in the end despite the upheaval in the beginning.   

Other Lessons 

Begin with short, easy wins.  Start by generating an upward movement in your consciousness, and the small things will yield.  Stay with it, grow in It, and bigger hillocks will yield–will respond to the power of your Consciousness. Get comfortable with yourself as an Eternal Being and no mountain will be too big to be removed.  Spirit is neither a respecter of the persons nor the circumstances of three-dimensional reality.  It’s vibrations are the dissolving agent barriers. 

My secret sauce was my meditation practice.  I got up every morning, and went to bed, with a 6-minute Higher Consciousness Meditation session (the new meditation process I have developed that is explained in my new book Higher Consciousness Meditation). 

I also used one or several of my updated 6 second mindfulness meditation techniques throughout the day.  This helped me to stay tuned up, to breathe into the moving of the boxes, to be patient at the UHaul center, and to observe with interest my achey muscles each morning, letting them unfold slowly in the process of getting up. 

(The beauty my Higher Consciousness Meditation (HCM) method is that it enabled me to meditate my way from being clueless to believing I could prevail to Knowing I could.  By learning to use HCM you will learn how to make the transition from ego/mind to Spirit Mind as needed, to think creatively, solve problems, and find the energy to keep moving.  And to move over into Higher Consciousness at will.) 


Moving mountains, often meaning accomplishing tasks that are a huge challenge, is not easy.  Often the height of the mountain and the depth of the snow seems too much to overcome.  However, in our case, we over came by committing to the process, staying conscious all along,  using our meditation skills, and allowing Spirit into the process

What do you think?  Would this help you move your mountains?  Have you done this before, yourself?  Comment below.


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