What is Meditation Good For?

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Feeling Sad? Meditate

What is meditation good for?  Meditation has many benefits as my book on the subject makes clear.  Dealing with sadness in these turbulent times is one of them.  Here are 3 ways to cope with the sadness.  

1.  Allow yourself to feel sad  

2.  Meditate on your sadness  

3.  Allow Spirit to flow In for healing   

Nearly 30% of American adults report feeling profoundly sad in a recent survey.  And no wonder.  We are suffering with the challenges we are facing:  the corona virus, making a living, our kid and their safety as we begin to think about whether to keep them home or not.  These things on top of our more common concerns:  caring for ourselves and family, making our relationships at home and at ou jobs work, and whatever is going on in our world.   The key relief from feeling sad?  Meditation helps a bunch.

A Personal Story

I was prompted to write this blog post because of the following story about my own life.  I was feeling sad.  Meditation helps.

This morning I felt heavy when I got up.  Did some tossing and turning last night.  Lynne was snoring and I was sleeping lightly.  I fed our herd of two cats and a dog.  I started my morning wake up routine.  And I started to weep.  A three Kleenex weep.  It happened as I began to sing “Morning Has Broken” with Cat Stevens on the Amazon Echo.  I had asked Alexa to “loop it”.  

I sat down to do my morning meditation, and the tears came.  I began to recognize the source of my sadness.  I had the following series of thoughts.  

1.  Allow Yourself to Feel Sad (or Stressed or Lonely)  

I was sad about the suffering I have been witnessing, from the coronavirus to Trump meltdown to people being scared as I venture out to time to Black People insisting on their long denied rights.   

A profound sadness.  And compassion for all who suffer.  And especially those who are suffering and dying from not being able to breathe.  A tortuous death.  Without family around.  Only with the suffering body and the suffering mind. Making decisions in the end about the “reasons”.  “God has abandoned me”, “I’m going to hell”, to “I’m letting my loved ones down”, etc.  (Each will have his/her own particular take on things).  

I’m think these last thoughts partially because of our healer friend George who has been working with us for over 30 years.  He does past life work, roots out the “story” behind the “glitch” that might be going on in present time in order to do the healing work needed to dissolve he “glitch”.  And he has told stories, from his dousing work, of past lives in which we, or people we know in this lifetime that we knew back then, of decisions made in the final throes of death.  Sometimes blaming God for the horrible circumstances.  

2.  Meditate on Your Sadness  

I began my meditation routine, feeling sad.  Meditation helps I said to myself.  I began to breathe “into” the feeling.  5 Sacred Breaths.  (This is a mindfulness meditation technique I developed several years ago.)   And I discovered it was nothing more than mindfulness breathing with a twist.  After  taking a deep breath or two, I would begin saying to myself, “Illuminate.  Elevate.  Radiate”.  

5 times.  It shifted my mind into a place of Illumination–the experience was one of Spirit “lighting me up”.  This “Elevated” me into a higher vibration, a state of higher consciousness And then I began to follow my sit-down Higher Consciousness Meditation process.  And I began to relax.  Feeling sad began to dissipate.  Meditation was working   (My new book The Amazing Benefits of Meditation which you can get free,  shows that scientific research on sadness and depression improvement, one of the particular benefits of meditation.  As well as how and why meditation works.  Check out  a sample chapter, on the subject of Stress, to see another good example).

3.  Allow Spirit to Flow In for Healing 

My Higher Consciousness, my Soul, spoke to me as It often does in these moments of quiet.   “Be comforted, my Child, this is a heart opening experience and you can only do what you can do.”  Which I have come to know as the only healing work I can do, and  that is to become aware of the suffering and settle into a State where “I” gets out of the way and Spirit flows.  To do the work It intends to do given that “we” have engaged.  To watch it, however, can be overwhelming and simply profoundly sad.  Ant then rest into Illumination, where the real healing work is done. 

It hurts to hurt.  It’s my good fortune to be able to observe from a place of  Illumination, can work from home,  and not be worried about having to go to a restaurant and serve food to feed my kids.  The healing work is what I can do– be quiet and let Source take over.  And write about it. 

The sadness began to subside.  Check out my new book Higher Consciousness Meditation for some new sitdown and mindfulness meditation techniques.  Use this link to purchase it at Amazon Kindle.

I Went to Work 

Then I was inspired.  I sent my daughter-in-law Christina a couple of new Daily Vibes to insert  into the string of about 30 she has been working on.  (Have you checked out the Daily Vibe?  If you haven’t, go over to my “Higher Consciousness Meditation with Blair Abee” Facebook Page.)  And check it out.  And Like it so you get it every day.  Here are a couple of the most recent ones.   

She’s done an amazing job with my germ of an idea or words on a solid background.  The best three were in honor of John Lewis, civil rights activist and member of the House of Representatives.  

“Child of God.  Master Teacher” to be put on an appropriate background.  He had inspired me by with his Soul qualities, his compassion, his dedication.  “Blessed are they whose hearts are open (in smaller letters–In these times)” along with “Stay strong.  These days will pass.”  He was a great guy and very Aware.  


Nothing wrong with feeling sad.  Or feeling any feeling.  We are beings with feelings.  Often feelings that challenge us to just “be” with them and let them be with us.  By being with them, and breathing into them, and saying, as we might, “Peace be still” we can allow whatever treasure of realization might come floating to the surface for healing and solace.  (Go to a similar post on Stress Relief with this link.)

If you are feeling sad, meditation helps, pure and simple.  Leave your comment below.  What do you think?  Will some of these ideas help? 

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