Healing Meditation for My Country

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The United States is convulsed these days with dysfunction that are occurring on so many levels.  And we’re less than three weeks from voting to keep or dismiss a President who has contributed, no matter which side of the aisle you are on, the disruption of many of our norms and challenged many of our collective values. 

This post will examine some of the dysfunction but, more importantly, offers some thoughts about how to heal some of the wounds.  In particular, it describes the healing I process I used last night to try to soothe our fever.  (This is one of the reasons I believe we are all here on this planet, to offer healing to each other.)

A Difficult Time, This 

There has not been as difficult time in my lifetime of 70 years as the last 3+ years.  We have gone from an 8 year period of relative peace (though that time began with a financial crisis)  to a time of near daily upheaval, especially in the past 8 months since the corona virus began.  We have, as a result of unaddressed issues, karma, and an astonishingly turbulent time, been forced to consider a number of deep national issues:

  • The unaddressed issue of race and the wound that festers up to and including today’s march for Black Lives Matter. It appears, depending on who our new president is, this problem will either get worse or finally begin, begin mind you, to be discussed in a serious way.
  • The economic growing divide between the “haves very much” and the increasing number of “have not very much”, highlighted by the number of people in line for groceries at our food banks.
  • The terrible cost of not properly addressing the global pandemic with which we are wrestling, unable to even agree that wearing a protective mask is a good idea.
  • The tragic, and preventable, loss of jobs and health care, especially among those at the lower end of the economic scale, while those at the top get richer.
  • The end of privilege and majority status of one group of citizens as we become more diverse and numerous in other groups.
  • All while global warming that is lurking in the background, while our more “immediate” concerns have taken center stage. This is the biggest threat of all as it threatens our very existence as a species, but is one that some don’t even acknowledge exists.

I’m Moved to Do a Healing Meditation 

Very early this morning I woke up in a sweat.  I had been dreaming of being tossed about in a stormy sea, worried that I was going to drown.  “Whew”, I thought, “I’m glad I’m not really there.”  My next thought, however, was “No, that’s not really true .  I am still ‘there’ in an stormy ocean of emotional strife and it seems perilous”.  I decided to do a healing  meditation for my country. 

Ever since I took a deep dive into my meditation practice 5 years ago and began writing about my experiences, I have worked to develop a healing meditation technique that I think might be helpful in times like this. (Much more on this topic in my new book Higher Consciousness Meditation).  Or in times when somebody I know might be in distress.  Or when my dog Sasha is sick. 

Sometimes this is the only thing I can do to contribute to bettering a situation I find myself in.  A healing meditation.  Doing something to contribute to moving things in a desirable direction, even if only an inch.  I don’t have miraculous healing powers by any means.  But that is not the point.  I am convinced that if I can lift myself into a higher state of awareness, Higher Consciousness, where my Soul  awaits my arrival at all times, that Spirit may begin to flow in a way that might be beneficial to the situation.  

As a result, I think I have refined a technique that satisfies me in my quest for a process that will satisfy my urge find a healing process that might be helpful. 

The Higher Consciousness Healing Process Applied to This Moment in Time 

This is the meditation I did for my Country.  It comes from my book Higher Consciousness Meditation  (see sample chapter from Higher Consciousness Meditation) These are the words I used:

I invite all who are suffering from the strife this Country is going through, those sick and dying from corona virus, those sick and dying from racism,  those who have passed over, the person with little or no income, and all who suffering from ego/minds gone awry, as well as the many on both sides fearful of the outcome of the upcoming election to come into my Holy of Holies, our Holy of Holies for a healing meditation.  (My Holy of Holies is infinitely elastic.) 

I also invite all Master Teachers and guides, those who have reached enlightenment and will not be returning to earth, those who have reached enlightenment and are still present on Earth, spirit beings who are attracted to this activity, and  the Higher Consciousness/the Souls of all of us at a point of being able to participate in this activity.   I also invite the Sun, the planets and the moons, and those who are planetary guardians and entities, in our solar system, along with all galaxy entities, local universe entities and entities involved with The ALL to participate. 

We are all involved in a transformation on Planet Earth caused by a world disease pandemic of proportions never experienced and a civic political malady that this country has not experienced in a hundred and fifty years.  An occurrence that has caused so many to suffer.  

I wish to acknowledge that each being involved in this activity is an Eternal Being  (see explanation in this video). Some are living human beings, some are not, but all are Eternal Beings.  Those of us who occupy 3 dimensional incredibly complicated vehicles are susceptible to this dis-ease.  Fear is rampant, especially fear of suffering and death,  the suffering and death of those we love, the political strife that has struck with inner warfare.  

The Call to Participate

I ask us all to put the fear and concern for the human vehicles aside for the moment.  Let us focus on our 5-Dimensional forms, our Eternal Beingness, for the rest of this activity.  And let us include the Eternal Beingness of all  participating in this activity and those not participating.  

Start by taking a deep breath.  In…..Out.  And another.  In…..Out……..  And then say, inwardly or  out loud,  “Peace be Still”.  Say it again slowly “Peace….. Be…….Stilness”.  (Saying it out loud amplifies the vibratory benefit, by the way).     Then take a deep breath and say “OM” three times, extending the saying of the word for as long as is comfortable.  (This word, said to be the sound of the Universe, is symbolic of the vibratory rate of the Universe.)  

Now let’s pause and let the sound reverberate throughout the Universe. 

Illuminate, Elevate, Radiate 

Next, I have three words I want us use to help us heal at physical, mental, emotional and spirit levels.  Each of us will respond to this part of the activity differently.  Each of us will respond at different rates of vibration at each of these levels—physical, mental, emotional and spirit. 

Ask your Higher Self, your Higher Consciousness, to join you in this activity.  Invite your guardians  and spiritual teachers of whatever type, to participate.  Invite Mother Earth, Mother Ocean and Mother Nature to participate.  Invite the planetary bodies and beings in the Solar System to participate.  Ask the galaxy bodies and beings to participate.  Ask the universe bodies and beings to participate.  Ask The ALL participate. 

Say to yourself the word, “Illuminate”.  And then again.  And yet again.  “Illuminate”, “Illuminate”.  Experience the experience of Illumination, your true, natural state.  Open to its vibration.  Let it flame up in your being.  Allow the Light to be turned on.  Then say, “Elevate”.  And then again.   And then again.  “Elevate, Elevate, Elevate”.  Experience the experience of Elevating your consciousness and your Beingness.  Allow Elevation to occur in your being. Experience your Higher Consciousness expanding.  You may feel a sense of Omnipresence in the doing of this.  Lastly, say to yourself, “Radiate”.  And then again.  And again.  “Radiate, Radiate, Radiate”.  Radiate the Illumined and Elevated state you have reached.  Then say, slowly, “Illuminate”, “Elevate”, “Radiate”.  Three times.  Feel the feeling of the highest reaches of your consciousness, 

Breathe deeply.  Three times.  Say “Om” three times, extending the sound.  Now let us be silent for a minute to experience the upliftment and healing of the moment.  Allow healing to occur at whatever level is appropriate for you.  Your Higher Consciousness knows what you need.  And you have radiated your healing to others, which has amplified the benefit.  Have no expectations.  Give thanks for whatever healing has occurred.  Humanity has been greatly healed.  The ALL has been healed greatly.  The ALL will unfold differently than it might have because of your participation.  

Pause and savor the elevation of your consciousness.  The melding of your awareness with all who have participated.  


Know that you individually and collectively can and do impact the unfolding of The ALL.  Know that despite the powerlessness that you sometimes feel that such an activity reverberates through all Eternity.  Know that whatever your station, the Universe depends on your participation in Its affairs.  And even though you may not have the ability to impact much of the 3-dimensional world around you, you also have the ability to impact the Present and the Future with your magnificence.  Know that you matter, especially when you stand in your power and allow Spirit to flow through you and out into your world (one of the Benefits of Meditation).  

Those of you who have power in three-dimensional reality, know that you have been bestowed with a sacred duty to use that power for the highest and best good of the rest of us.  That whether by accident or effort, good fortune or the forcefulness of your will, you have been blessed with the opportunity to help us, and yourself, to all grow and evolve in the direction of the Light.  Such is the arc of history.  May none be left behind. 

Know that in this moment all divisions, judgments, rancor, desire for retribution and the seeing others as different or less than ourselves is merely folly and the stuff of wayward children.  Know that we are all One and the suffering of one of us effects all of Us.  Expand out to the healing energy that encompassed our Allness and bathe in the Light of the Moment. 


Thank each of you for your participation.  Leave this place uplifted and transformed.  In the days ahead remember your part in the healing of the rest of us and of yourself.  Allow Spirit within to guide you and bless you. Your Eternal Beingness has contributed greatly to your evolution and to the evolution of The ALL. 

Let’s do one final “Om”, extending it out as far as is comfortable.  

Thank you.  “Nameste” (translate as “The Spirit in acknowledges the Spirit in you).  The Holy of Holies is available to you at any time you chose to go into your own Holy of Holies for healing for yourself and others.   Anytime, anywhere you choose.  Blessed be. 


Doubt not your power or your worth to The ALL.  I offer this as a personal story and as a guided meditation, the process you can use in your own life.  You can similarly use your Holy of Holies anytime you are drawn to do so, to heal your relation with one or many.  Trust your Higher Self and Spirit to know and do what needs to be done.  Avoid proscribing outcomes.  You may have your preferences but,  “Thy will be done”.  Spirit may have something different in mind.  Better.  More suitable.  Leave the door open for Spirit to move through you.  And so it is.

What do you think?  Does these ideas resonate?  Could you see yourself doing a similar healing meditation with a family member or a group you belong to?  Comment below.


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